Twitter Community Notes Fact Checks Biden Admin Claim On Migrant Assistance

Biden’s US Customs and Border Protection got fact checked hard by Twitter’s ‘Community Notes’ users over a claim that the federal government does not provide financial assistance to migrants, or provide them with free travel.

“NOTICE: Claims that migrants will be provided free travel and transportation to their destination are false. The U.S. government does not provide help or financial support for noncitizens,” reads a tweet from last week.

Au contraire!

This statement by CBP is misleading as the federal government funds non-government organizations such as Catholic charities to assist in the travel, food, and shelter for illegal aliens and is coordinated by [the Federal Emergency Management Agency],” reads a Community Note context post added by Twitter users.

The fact check also includes links, such as a post from journalist Rebecca Brannon, who said: “Migrants have their travel coordinated with NGO’s like Catholic charities with the help from the federal government.,” adding “I witnessed firsthand in Brownsville the countless bus and flight tickets issued like this one after being processed.”

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