U.N. ‘Commissioner’ Claims Israel Doesn’t Have Right to Self-defense

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Says charter requires a pass for Hamas’ home in Gaza

An official “commissioner” inside the United Nations is using semantics to claim that Israel has no right of self-defense against the home of the Hamas terrorists who butchered 1,400 innocent civilians during an invasion on Oct. 7.

It is Francesca Albanese, in the office for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights as a special rapporteur for Palestinians, who has argued semantics.

She claims “self-defense” has a “narrow meaning under Article 51 of the U.S. charter” and that it does not give the Jewish state the right to defend itself against the home of the Hamas terrorists who invaded and slaughtered 1,400 civilians.

A report at the Washington Free Beacon explains Albanese believes the definition requires the threat to come from “another state,” and since she claims Hamas comes from an “occupied territory,” Israel’s defense of its own citizens is a crime.

“Under Art 51, use of force in #SelfDefense is permissible solely to repel an armed attack by another State,” Albanese claimed. “Threats from armed groups from within occ. territory give state the RIGHT TO PROTECT ITSELF, but not to wage war against the state from which the armed group emanates.”

She continued, on Israel’s campaign to destroy the threat to its citizens, “The attacks are clearly indiscriminate, disproportionate and violate the principle of precaution. One cannot bomb hospitals hosting hundreds of patients and sheltering thousands of refugees. Sorry, we need to look for another solution, and not to bomb hospitals. Absolutely not. This is criminal.”

Actually, while Hamas reported that an Israeli rocket had hit a Gaza hospital, killing “500,” the truth is that it was a Hamas rocket gone askew that hit a hospital parking lot, leaving some property damage.

The Free Beacon reported, “The day after Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack that killed more than 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians, Albanese said she was ‘horrified by the narrative’ that focused outrage on Hamas for the attack. She also condemned Israel’s ‘militarized settler colonial occupation’ and violence against ‘defenseless Palestinians.’”

Actually, the Hamas terrorists, reports confirm, carried drugs with them so they could reduce their own sensitivity and instructions for carrying out atrocities, such as beheading babies and burning whole families alive, which they did.

Other officials at the U.N., which has a long and radicalized history of attacking Israel more than any other group on earth, already had blasted Israel for its self-defense.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres earlier adopted a political agenda in claiming that the Hamas terror attacks “did not happen in a vacuum.”

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