UK Retail Store Sends Gender Identity Magazine With Tips For Chest-Binding Children To 70,000 Employees

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A British retail store is facing a massive boycott after it was revealed that it had produced an in house magazine completely devoted to gender identity, replete with tips on how to use chest binders on children, to all of its 70,000 employees.

The Daily Mail reports that John Lewis has been accused of ‘contemptuous dismissal of staff’ for overseeing the production of the 32-page magazine, titled Identity, to mark ‘LGBTQ+ history month’.

The material also contains advice provided by groups Stonewall and Mermaids, two groups in favour of ‘gender affirming’ surgery for children.

In one section of the magazine, parents are warned that their support on such matters “can determine their child’s mental wellbeing,” quoting statistics from Stonewall claiming that the number of trans children attempting suicide is “double the national average”.

The magazine’s introduction suggests that questions over gender ideology amount to “playing pointless politics with people’s lives.”

Another section is titled “Raising Trans and Non-Binary Children,” and quotes a trans staff members as saying “If you love your child enough. you’re not going to care about the judgment that you may face just because they’re happy.”

The section further quotes a parent who claims social media influencers “helped” her by sharing “tips on how to safely use clothing and equipment to achieve a person’s desired gender identity, for example, chest binders”.

The parent is further quoted as saying “a binder is always safer than the alternatives,” despite that fact that a Johns Hopkins study found that 97 per cent of adults who use breast binders experience serious health impacts including pain, rib fractures, changes to the spine, headaches, respiratory and skin infections and muscle wasting.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of Transgender Trend commnted “It is totally wrong, irresponsible and indefensible that John Lewis would put this advice out there to employees, a lot of whom are parents.”

She added, “They do not have any expertise on the subject – they are not clinicians, therapists or medical professionals and it is not their place to advise parents, particularly when the advice they are giving is so dangerous. The medical scandal around the gender transition of children is so well documented that they cannot claim ignorance.”

The magazine even has a word search that contains the following clues:

1.     Someone whose gender identity is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth

2.     Calling someone, often a trans person, by a name they no longer use.

3.     A series of actions that trans people may take in order to live more fully as their true gender

4.     Using your power, position or privilege to uplift others

5.     Having a prejudice for or against a person or group

Helen Joyce of Sex Matters, commented “We’ve known for some time that many big retailers have embraced trans ideology, but this newsletter really demonstrates how far brands are willing to go to placate the vocal minority of activists on their staff.”

She added, “Packed with hyperbole, scaremongering and ideologically driven content, it’s a complete departure from the culture and values people associate with the John Lewis brand. It’s a contemptuous dismissal of staff members who – like most people in this country – believe that sex is binary and more important than identity, and value sex-based rights.”

John Lewis previously announced that customers are allowed to use “whichever fitting room makes them feel most comfortable,” rather than having changing spaces separated for male and female.

Claire Loneragan of The Women’s Rights Network commented “Ordinary people know this belief that everyone has a ‘gender identity’ is very much a fringe belief, but it is being used by employers to justify the removal of single sex facilities and opportunities for women.”

The magazine was made public by James Esses, co-ordinator of the Declaration for Biological Reality, who was sent a copy by a concerned John Lewis staff member.

He has written an excellent break down of the contents which is a must read, and provides images of all 32 pages.

Esses, who recently won a lawsuit after being thrown off a psychotherapy master’s degree for expressing ‘gender critical’ opinions, noted “My main concern is that we have an employer pushing a divisive and dangerous ideology on to its staff members.”

He added, “It is particularly concerning that it suggests to potentially vulnerable parents in a difficult situation that the answer to their daughter’s distress with their bodies would be to get them a breast binder, that is the most alarming thing of all.”

Esses also notes that John Lewis’ gender identity policy for staff is directly pulled from Stonewall, and that they are forced to use ‘preferred’ pronouns and wear badges identifying them.

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