Ukraine’s CIA-Backed Military Intelligence Boasts Of New Car Bombing Assassination 

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Ukraine’s CIA-backed military intelligence has taken credit for a car bombing that killed a politician in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine on Wednesday.

Mikhail Filiponenko, a member of the local Russian-backed legislature in Luhansk and former police chief, was killed in his car outside of his house.

Via Sputnik/AP: A video showed the scene of the car bomb explosion that killed Filiponenko.

“A special operation to eliminate the executioner Filiponenko was implemented together with representatives of the resistance movement,” Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence announced Wednesday.

He was born in the Ukrainian oblast and joined the separatists who declared the creation of the Luhansk People’s Republic in 2014 following the coup that ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych.

According to AP, Filiponenko had survived a previous car bombing on February 21, 2022, three days before Russia invaded Ukraine. Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate, known as the GUR, claimed that Filiponenko was involved in torture camps in Luhansk.

Andriy Cherniak, a representative for the GUR, told POLITICO that the Wednesday killing of Filiponenko was “our operation.” The GUR said in a statement that it had the addresses of all “traitors” and warned that “all war criminals and collaborators will receive a fair retribution! The hunt continues!”

According to Politico, the GUR has lately boasted that it has the addresses of other “high-profile collaborators”

GUR revealed the exact address where Filiponenko lived in Luhansk and added that Ukraine’s spies knew where other high-profile collaborators were living in the occupied territories.

Mikhail Filiponenko

A recent report from The Washington Post detailed how the CIA helped build up the GUR and the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), including tens of millions of dollars in funding since 2015. A former US intelligence official described the GUR as “our little baby” and said the US provided “all new equipment and training.”


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