Un-Informed Anti-Israel Protestors Have No Idea Gays are Routinely Killed in Palestine. Just Listen…

The hatred for homosexuals in Gaza ranks a close second to the hatred of Jews. It’s not just Hamas that engages in “Honor Killings” of gay people in “Palestine,” but every day Palestinians do as well. In fact the punishment for being gay in Gaza is prison, torture and often death.

Yet that doesn’t stop the un-informed protest class of America to somehow back the Palestinians and Hamas at all cost. Even leftist members of the gay community seem to be all in for the destruction of Israel, and the love of the Palestinians. Their support stems from not only ignorance of what Sharia Law means for gays in Muslim areas, but an effort by the main stream media to cover up the sexual preference genocide going on inside Gaza.

“Stinchfield” uncovered audio of Muslims in Gaza and the United States openly calling for the imprisonment and death of all gay people. This revelation buy some of the most left leaning members of the LGBTQ community seems to be a shocker. Wait until you hear the proof of this hatred and the surprise that follows, in their own words.

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