Ungrateful Ron DeSantis’ Latest Outings Show a Complete Disregard for Trump Voters and Dislike of Kari Lake

Ron DeSantis has yet to find a way to ignite his failing presidential campaign.

In the past 24 hours he made sure that Trump voters will NEVER support his campaign.

It was a bold political move.
Maybe he will run as a Democrat in future elections?

The DeSantis War Room posted this tweet on Saturday. Governor DeSantis attacked President Trump during his speech at the California GOP Convention.

DeSantis told the Trump supporting crowd, “I understand that one of my residents was here earlier saying that he turned Florida red…

“I just wish if he was the one that turned Florida red, that he wouldn’t have turned Georgia and Arizona blue.”

Because there was absolutely no fraud in the 2020 election in Arizona or Georgia, right?

Ron DeSantis later in the day told leftist icon Bill Maher that Trump lost the election and it was a mistake to campaign for Kari Lake in Arizona.

Again, he said this to Bill Maher!

DeSantis is on his own here and sounds more like a Democrat than a Republican voter.

At least two-thirds of Republicans believe voter fraud helped Joe Biden get elected.

60% of voters believe cheating was involved in the midterm elections.

And 54% of voters expect election fraud to be a factor in 2024.

And Ron DeSantis is cracking jokes about Arizona and Georgia!

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