United States Sees LARGEST Population Increase in History in 2023 – Thanks to Joe Biden’s Open Borders

Thousands of illegal aliens are held in a Del Rio, Texas holding area before being processed and released into the US in December 2023.

The United States saw its LARGEST population increase in its 247 year history in 2023 thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders.

The US saw an increase of 3.8 million people in 2023 exceeding any previous year in population growth.

You can thank Joe Biden and his open borders for this historic number.

Kanekoa the Great reported:

The United States has just undergone its most substantial one-year population increase in history, with growth exceeding 3.8 million people in 2023, primarily attributed to illegal immigration, according to a recent report by John Burns Research and Consulting.

Under President Biden’s leadership, over 8 million people have entered the country illegally.

On Biden’s inaugural day, he signed executive orders that incentivize illegal immigration:

• Paused Deportations
• Suspended “Remain in Mexico”
• Stopped Border Wall Construction

As the nation grapples with the rising costs linked to illegal immigration, major cities are making budget cuts to essential services such as fire, police, sanitation, libraries, and education.

Despite facing these domestic challenges, President Biden and Washington D.C. politicians are advocating for allocating an additional hundred billion dollars to protect foreign borders from distant invasions.

The John Burns Research and Consulting Company recently released this report:

Population growth will rise to 1.8 million annually.
We expect the US population will increase by over 1.8 million annually through 2033, 400K more per year than recent Census projections.

We believe future immigration will resemble 2014–2017 more than the lower levels of 2019–2021 caused by the pandemic and restrictive government policies.

Immigration is key to driving population growth when births are falling, and deaths are rising.
Net immigration will account for 67% of population growth in the next 10 years, a significant jump from 54% since 2013.

A tight job market will attract foreign workers. Low unemployment rates and a slower-growing working-age population will draw more foreign workers into the US.

Lower fertility rates and an aging population will narrow the gap between births and deaths, reducing the contribution of natural population change.

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