University of Cincinnati Professor to Undergo Free Speech Training After Failing Student for Using Term ‘Biological Women’ in Assignment

The Gateway Pundit reported that a student at the University of Cincinnati, Olivia Krolczyk, received a zero on a project for using the term “biological women.”

The gender studies professor involved in the incident, Melanie Nipper, has now been ordered to undergo free speech training.

Melanie Nipper-
Image: Melanie Nipper/Facebook

In a viral TikTok, Krolczyk shared, “I got a zero on a project proposal in my class because I used the term ‘biological women,’ which is apparently not allowed anymore.”

“She even said it was a good project proposal, but I got a zero because I used this term that’s  ‘exclusionary’ and not allowed any more so….”

@oliveourviewsEmailed her and was told using the term is transphobic 😐 be for real♬ original sound – oliveourviews
Image: @oliveourviews/TikTok

Krolczyk told The New York Post at the time of the incident, “The directions for the assignment in which I received a zero on specifically state, ‘This exercise is developmental. Thoughtful proposals submitted on time will receive full credit.’ I turned in my assignment on time and I can guarantee 100% that my proposal was extremely thoughtful.”

The New York Post reports on the training Nipper must now undergo:

“Please note that this is to be considered a formal reprimand for your actions. A copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent records,” the university told Nipper, according to the June 14 document obtained by the Enquirer.

“It is also understood that any other violations of UC policy may be subject to further disciplinary actions up to and including termination. You are reminded that as an unrepresented, unclassified ‘at will’ employee your employment may be terminated with or without cause.”

In addition to completing training about UC’s free speech policy, she must also submit her future syllabi for the upcoming school year for approval.

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