UPDATE: Israel’s Second Largest Power Plant in Ashkelon Targeted by Hamas Missile Strike

Israel’s second largest power plant in Ashkelon came under fire today in a massive Hamas missile strike on the country.

Hamas targeted Israel’s second largest power plant, the Rutenberg power station, in Ashkelon.

Rutenberg plant under attack.

About the Rutenberg Power Plant: The power station has a total installed capacity of 2,250 MW. It is arranged in two blocks, Blocks A and B, each containing two power generating units (2 x 575 MW and 2 x 550 MW). Construction began in the early 1980s, after completion of the first phase of the Orot Rabin power station near Hadera. Phase A became operational in 1990-1991, and Phase B in 2000-2001. Coal was supplied by train from the Port of Ashdod until an on-site deepwater coal pier was completed in 2000.

In May 2021 Palestinian terrorists launched missiles at Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant a week after an Iranian propaganda video included a missile strike on the plant.

Hamas Launches 15 Rockets Towards Dimona, Israel and Its Nuclear Reactor — Week After Iranian Propaganda Video Showing a Missile Strike on Plant

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