UPDATED: Walkthrough In Sacramento After 2020 Election Showed Dominion Boxes Labeled “Made in China”, a Pallet of Ballots Unsealed, Passwords and Flashdrives Laying Around Tabulation Room

UPDATE: This story is developing. We are working to collect more background information on this report.

There is much more to this report.  We will have more updates after speaking with one of the local officials.

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A limited case study of the election operations in Sacramento, California, after the 2020 Election provides ample evidence that a robust audit was needed in the county.  

A team that labels itself Great American Rebirth released a report in early 2021 where it shared the results of a walkthrough in Sacramento after the 2020 Election.

Great American Rebirth shares a summary of what it identified in a walkthrough of the county’s election operations.  Some startling observations were noted.

From the website: In December 2020 our cyber election team was invited by Mrs. Courtney Bailey-Kanelos, the Registrar of Voters in Sacramento County, California to review Sacramento’s election system, and to audit the 2020 election results.

An IT expert by the name of Mark Cook was given an opportunity to walkthrough the county’s election operations in December 2020.  Mr. Cook took some pictures and they were displayed in the report along with some observations.

Here are some of the observations:

One of the first pictures shows an estimated 100 boxes in the warehouse with “Dominion Voting” and “Made in China” stamped on them.  (See also the picture above.)

A laptop containing the Dominion ballot printing software was identified that was connected to the ballot printer.

The password for accessing the Dominion ballot printing software and printing ballots was taped to the laptop for any user to see and use.

The ballot printer was fully loaded with blank ballot paper.  The adjudication room had jacks in the wall that provided the ability to connect to the Internet.

There were numerous flash drives sitting around the place, seemingly all over.

During the walkthrough another shocking observation was recorded.

The cyber election team tech saw shelves of sorted ballots in this ballot storage room.

However, this pallet of ballots was separate from the ballots on the shelves, and dated 12/15/20 on the outside of the plastic wrap around the ballot.

Warehouse workers have full and unsupervised access to ballot storage room.

In the findings of the report from this walkthrough, the following observations were made:

  • Given the photographic evidence above, and the information provided by the voter registrar, our cyber election team concludes that it would have been trivial to:
    • print unlimited ballots while unsupervised;
    • connect the election system to an external network or the Internet during the election;
    • introduce new software, firmware, voted ballots into critical election equipment via USB or portable hard drive;
  • Numerous election officials and warehouse workers have unfettered access to key election systems and ballots.
  • Sacramento refused to address numerous security concerns as required by Grand Jury prior to the 2020 Election, and instead stated they would address them after the election (see Exhibits).

More information is provided at The Great American Rebirth website.  This includes a response from the county.

Overall, from a professional auditor’s standpoint and someone who has performed audits and walkthroughs around the globe, these results are shocking.  

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