‘Uranium One’ FBI Whistleblower Nate Cain Discusses Los Angeles County DA’s Cover-up of Konnech CEO’s Arrest and Release

Last week, The Gateway Pundit reported that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, led by Soros-backed district attorney George Gascon, is being accused of dropping the charges against Eugene Yu, the CEO of Konnech and a China-born naturalized citizen to the United States, due to political motivations.

Yu was accused of, among other things, sending Personal Identifying Information (PII) of voters and poll workers to Chinese-owned companies.  In China, all stored data is accessible by the government.

Nate Cain, the founder of the company Cain and Associates and tasked with assisting in the investigation of Konnech, joined Why We Vote last night to discuss his findings.  Cain revealed that he was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would give the LA DA’s Office authority to order Cain to destroy or hand over evidence.  Fortunately, Cain amended the contract authorizing him to inform other law enforcement authorities, including federal agencies.  He also added a stipulation that if he was not paid, the NDA would be voided.

You can watch the full interview with Nate Cain here (Konnech information begins around the 27:10 mark).

The case in Los Angeles County was not brought directly by George Gascon, but rather his Deputy District Attorney, Eric Neff.  Neff was a “Grade II Deputy District Attorney” in the “Public Integrity Division”, which handles public corruption in Los Angeles County.  Neff has since filed a Tort claim, a precursor to a civil lawsuit, as published by Margot Cleveland and The Federalist.

The Tort Claim from Neff asserts:

“In or about October 2020, Mr. Eugene Yu, who owned and operated Konnech Inc., a Michigan-based company, submitted a sole-source contract for the software services of “PollChief” with the County of Los Angeles.  According to the contract…”PollChief” was asserted to be a “high-performance election management software that organizes the administration of elections.”  The contract was for a maximum of $2,909,500 over five years, which was a significant increase over the previous $200,000 contract also with Konnech.

As part of that contract, Konnech gained access to the PII of election workers and was entrusted with protecting that information with “strict contractual requirements”.  Neff claims that Konnech “misled Los Angeles County into believing that Konnech had implemented security procedures to safeguard PII”.  DA Gascon “alleged evidence that showed Konnech used third-party contractors based in China” thus “fail[ing] to abide by security procedures to protect such data”.

Neff recognized this breach of contract and began to gather more evidence against Yu.  On October 4th, 2022, a search warrant in Michigan was executed and Yu was arrested.  According to Neff, “It was immediately clear that Konnech’s deception of LA County with regards to its practices with poll worker information was even worse than initially feared.  Konnech was sending sensitive PII data to Chinese-owned and operated third-party contractors through Chinese-owned and operated messaging applications.

On October 6th, two days after the warrant was executed, President Trump Truthed “Go George, Go”.  Neff claims that “from this point onward, despite the criminal case against Mr. Yu, DA Gascon and President Trump are connected which is devastating to DA Gascon’s political career.”

Over the next six days, from October 6th thru October 12th, Neff’s “entire chain of command” would “thoroughly” review the evidence against Yu, including “four management-level prosecutors” and “the highest ranking non-elected prosecutor in the office”, Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Woo.  They all approved of the filing.

Through a series of moves, DA Gascon “through his subordinate chain-of-command” made Neff the second chair on the case and brought in DDA Grade III Luke Sisak from Cyber Crimes to supervise Neff in the prosecution.

From the Tort Claim:

“On November 10, 2022, prior to the demurrer hearing in court, Mr. Sisak met with Mr. Neff and informed him that management from the DA’s Office had ordered the case be dismissed.  Neff verbally complained to Mr. Sisak that there was no legal basis for the dismissal and that no one informed him of the dismissal prior to that morning.  More importantly, Mr. Neff objected to the dismissal because he had reasonable cause to believe that his participation in the dismissal was against the law.  It was a politically based dismissal not in furtherance of justice.”

Neff claimed that under Penal Code section 1386, “neither the Attorney General nor the district attorney can discontinue or abandon a prosecution for a public offense” without permission of the Court.  Neff, once again, claimed that the dismissal was for DA Gascon’s political gain.

When Neff brought these concerns to his superiors, claiming political motivations in the dismissal, he was placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.  In March 2024, a year and a half later, Neff was notified that no disciplinary action would be taken against him.  He was demoted from “prosecuting political corruption” to a “less desirable” assignment in the Welfare Fraud Unit.  Neff called it “an assignment commonly known in the DA’s Office to punish prosecutors where DDAs are not favored by management.”

Eugene Yu has since fled the country but not before the LA County DA’s office paid him $5 million for “violating his rights”.  According to NBC Los Angeles:

Attorneys for Konnech and its owner, Eugene Yu, said they were happy for their client, and said his business was devastated as a result of the public accusations.

“The Los Angeles DA’s arrest of Mr. Yu based on utterly false charges — charges the DA dropped 5 weeks later — and the resulting publicity cost Mr. Yu his life savings and Konnech over 50 percent of its customers,” said Yu’s attorney, Dean Z. Pamphilis.

“Now, just four months after we sued on behalf of Mr. Yu and Konnech, Los Angeles County has agreed to settle the lawsuit, paying $5 million and agreeing to publicly proclaim Mr. Yu’s innocence,” he said in an email to NBCLA.

“Mr. Yu is extremely pleased that his innocence has now been publicly confirmed, and he and Konnech look forward to start to recover from the significant losses which they suffered.”

Last night, Nate Cain, founder of Cain & Associates, joined the Why We Vote podcast to discuss the work they performed assisting the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office in executing the search warrant against Konnech and Eugene Yu.

Cain & Associates, including CEO Harry Haury, were tasked by the LA DA’s Bureau of Investigations to provide “specialized Highly Adaptable Cybersecurity Services (HACS)” including cyber-forensics, live capture, search, find & recovery, data examination/analysis, network enumeration & security, and advanced persistent threat analysis of foreign adversaries.

According to Cain’s findings, “Yu obtained a patent from the US Patent Office for Konnech’s voting equipment.”  Yu’s patent partners are Jun Yu Zhejiang and Guojun Shao, both from China.  Cain stated, “This red flag had yellow stars all over it.  Our government ignored it and, in the LA County District Attorney’s [Office], George Gascon’s case, he covered it up.”

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