Utah Students Stage Walkout To Protest ‘Barking And Biting Furries’ In The Classroom

American schools have changed a lot in just the past five years.  Not long ago, it was understood by even the most progressive educators that some rules need to be put in place to keep kids in check.  Structure has always been a good thing for small people with developing brains and uncontrollable emotions.  Sadly, the educational system has been inexorably hijacked by the most extreme elements of the far left and by extension the principles used to maintain order among often impetuous and impulsive children have been quickly eroded in the name of “deconstruction.” 

For those outside of what is now referred to as “Gen Alpha” (the generation born from 2010 onward), most people grew up with restrictions in school, including dress codes.  While some institutions might have been more oppressive than others, overall there was a balance between “expressing one’s individualism” and keeping that expression from disrupting one’s education – Schools should focus on academia, not catering to people’s narcissism. 

Today, the progressive ideology has devolved into a bizarre form of cultism in which almost all behavior is justified as long as it is minority behavior.  This includes the behaviors of the mentally unstable and deranged; such people are swiftly becoming the most popular minority on the victimhood totem pole.

Nebo Middle School in Utah County has recently witnessed what might be the beginning of the end of the “anything goes” era in public schooling, with students (not just parents) protesting en masse over the disruptive inclusion of children identifying as furries and allegedly harassing other kids.  Students claim that furries bark in class, bite and scratch other children while generally creating chaos.

School officials deny these incidents and claim that the protest was triggered by “internet rumors.”


This kind of story might seem like fluff and silliness, but that’s how wokism was able to invade American schools in the first place – No one took it seriously until it was too late.

The furry issue is only a small part of a much larger debate that includes subjective identity, trans indoctrination, gender pronoun propaganda, equity over merit propaganda, personal truth vs objective truth, moral relativism, etc.  The question is this:  Should public institutions cater to mentally unstable people exhibiting aberrant or self-centered behaviors to the detriment of everyone else all in the name of equity?  Can we just admit that there is such a thing as too much freedom?

Where is the line?  Well, it’s safe to say that dressing up as a cartoon animal and trying to bite people in the classroom is probably somewhere past the point of no return.  The school denies these events and blames rumor, but rumors alone don’t motivate an entire student body to walk out and protest something as strange as furries.  There must be a problem that isn’t being addressed, and these days this usually means there’s a politically correct reason behind the refusal to punish certain students.

If the youngest generation grows up without any boundaries or responsibility, what kind of adults will they eventually become?

On the positive side, the Nebo walkout suggests that the younger generation is not as brainwashed by inclusion rhetoric as many people might believe.  They are acting to keep the worst elements of their own community in check whether woke school officials like it or not.  Tolerance of all behaviors leads to acceptance of the worst behaviors.  Any school administrators that don’t understand this basic fact should be removed from their positions.

In the meantime the number of parents in the US choosing to home school their kids continues to climb, and we all know the real reason why. 


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