Vacation-Taker-in-Chief Biden Tries to Shame House Republicans for Taking Two Weeks Off

Joe Biden, who has spent a ridiculous amount of time on vacation over the last few years, recently blasted House Republicans for scheduling a two week recess.

Biden doesn’t worry when he does incredibly hypocritical things like this because he knows no one is going to call him out on it. Who would challenge him? Someone in the media? Laughable.

Also, he has no shame.

FOX News reports:

Biden blasts House for two-week ‘vacation’ despite facing criticism for his frequent beach trips

President Biden excoriated the House of Representatives on Friday for taking a two-week recess, which he referred to as a “vacation,” despite facing criticism himself for the number of vacations he has taken during his presidency.

“No, but it’s about time they step up, don’t you think?” Biden told a reporter on Friday when asked whether there is anything he can do to get more ammunition to Ukraine without Congress.

“Instead of going on a two-week vacation. Two weeks, walking away. Two weeks? What are they thinking? My God, this is bizarre, and its just reinforcing, and it’s just reinforcing all the concern and, and almost I won’t say panic, but real concern about the United States being a reliable ally. This is outrageous.”

Biden, who has been heavily criticized by conservatives for the amount of time he has spent on vacation at his Delaware beach house over the years, faced backlash online from conservatives over his Friday comment.

See Biden’s tweet below:

The people know the truth.

Biden should probably sit this one out – on a beach somewhere in Delaware.

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