Valentine: A Blueprint for Victory – Leftist Election Warriors – Republican Event Planners – Who Wins?

Guest post by Jay Valentine at

Even if you loathe the leftists, you must admire their complete preparation for 2024.  These guys are out to win and win they probably will.

Leftists have every cylinder firing.

Find a hidden meaning in the 14th Amendment to keep Trump off the ballot.  Create scores of crazy charges to put Trump in prison.  Hoodwink RINOs to change election rules in legislatures Republicans control making mail-in fraud easier.  Encourage RINOs to impeach the most anti-voter-fraud Attorney General in America, to put in a Bushie who could never be elected to that office.

Then there’s the tech stuff.

Tap into state voter systems to know in advance who voted.  Use NGOs to pad voter rolls with drug induced zombies on TikTok in Philadelphia – who cannot stand up – but you can bet a ballot is cast in their name.

While this does enrage, one must sit back and take in – like a grand vista – the sheer size and completeness of leftist preparation.  That, people, is what professionals do.


The RNC is a premier event planning organization.  They have zero technology, no drive to win, but meetings?  Their meetings, in the most opulent places, are just amazing!

When, in 2024, America as we know it is lost, those with remaining funds can coalesce with others at well organized, lovely locations, lots of great booze and flowers, organized by Ronna McDaniel.

This week we received hundreds of emails and calls from Republicans after our Gateway Pundit piece challenging the breathtaking incompetence of RNC DATA – which means their tech guys.

We were told to take down the article – fat chance!

We suggested it might be a good thing – in a political “ecosystem” driven by fake mail-in ballots, to know, a year before the 2024 election, where every loose mail-in ballot might accumulate.

Maybe, if Republicans knew, in October 2023, that in one of the 7 swing states, there were 5,560 “voters” registered at strip malls, or 4,598 in hotels, or 3,459 registered in vacant lots, and 1,243 registered in Walmarts – maybe, just maybe they might find a way to stop ballots being mailed to those fake “voters.”

It might be handy to know, now, that Wisconsin has 271,000 voters sharing voter IDs – although hidden, secret characters in the voter ID hide them.  It might be cool to know that in a major Arizona county, with 40% of the state vote, a voter commission can add 22,000 new voters days before an election – everyone illegal – and they did!

As software guys, we perhaps do not get the importance of event planning.  It is an art we are sure and has great value.  The question one might ask is whether event planning is more important than planning to win the 2024 election.

And save the United States of America.

Before the 2020 election, we were happy building artificial intelligence systems protecting the power grid.  Customers paid on time, the Starbucks was not so good but it was free, we worked from home, it was all pretty good.

Then Sheriff Clarke, of Milwaukee fame, called and asked us to look at the Wisconsin voter rolls.  We did.  33 months later, on our own dime, we run the world’s largest election database – now approaching 2.5 billion records, working with over 20 states – showing officials phantom voters by the truckload.

We may not know anything about politics, but we know a lot about data.  We know political campaigns create lists – called canvassing lists – candidates use for mailers or door-to-door calls.

The fundamental, most basic output of a political organization is the creation of accurate lists for candidates to find their voters.  How hard can this be?

Let me state the reciprocal:  If a major political party cannot create accurate canvassing lists for its candidates, what good is it?

Well, here is a lesson for the software guys.

In Wisconsin, in 2022, there were statewide offices up for grabs.  Candidates hired groups of “canvassers” who went door-to-door and passed out brochures.

Those canvassers were buds with our state team and they said those lists – from the RNC – were 50% inaccurate.  50% for data cleanliness is a pretty big number.  If you are not technical, 50% wrong, or 50% right (if you are McDaniel) means you could get there with random numbers – no need to process the data.

To be worse than 50% you would have to hire a data company to screw with the data!

In 2023 there were special elections.  These are off-year things that are primaries, and nobody pays much attention – except the candidates.

Our team in Wisconsin worked with some of these folks.  They needed data so the Wisconsin boys gave them the Fractal data.

The Wisconsin team, as talented as they are, added value to that data and off they went, passing out brochures and sending direct mail.  We, in Austin, knew nothing about it.

Later, to our amazement, we learned the canvassing teams had a feedback loop – they ran a test.  They took 1,000 homes from our lists and off they went.  The result, 999 out of 1,000 homes were precisely what the Fractal list predicted.

The same team found the RNC lists 50% wrong!

So the RNC, with all the funding, all the staff, all the connections, cannot generate a competent canvassing list.


Think about this.

If you believe that 2024 is the election that determines the survival of America as you know it, and the political organization that covers half of the electorate is demonstrably incompetent, what do you do?

We don’t know, we are tech guys.

But, a county chairperson from Wyoming called and gave us a great suggestion.

He said – “look, everyone knows the RNC is incompetent.  They have no plan.  If you want to be heard, come up with a plan – any plan, and state it!”

Sounds good to us.  We are lowly data guys.  We are not political.

Here is our simple plan:

We are delivering in every swing state, a cross search of property tax rolls against voter rolls.

We are demonstrating with the Undeliverable Ballot Database where EVERY ballot will likely be mailed in 2024 – A YEAR BEFORE THE ELECTION – and not find an eligible recipient.

Using our list – Republicans can challenge those 3,459 voters registered in a Walmart and the 4,234 registered in strip malls!  A YEAR BEFORE THE ELECTION – NOT LITIGATE AFTERWARD!

We ingested the entire FEC roll – and we show where every leftist is injecting real money via fake contributors making 4,000 donations in 6 months – all to leftists.

This multi-million dollar A MONTH scam – all favoring leftists, can be stopped NOW, not after the damage is done!

We are working with 21 states, mostly state legislators – delivering systems so they can have “gnat’s ass accurate” (it’s a software thing) canvassing lists – a year before the election.

That’s our simple plan.

Or course, Ronna will tell you they have a better plan.

OK, man up!

I will show you our system – in full production – now – Zoom call!

If you want to see it, call us and we will demo these systems – state by state – to you on Zoom calls.

If you have the guts, call Ronna, call RNC Data – and ask to see their demo.   

Call the useless, insipid Republican county chairs, call the more useless RNC “national committee persons” who vote for this crap and support it with both hands – and demand a head-to head demo:  make them provide a demo of the Ronna system and I will show you the Fractal system – you decide who might just be able to help save this country.

You decide.

Rather than the hundreds of calls and emails to us asking “what can I do” call your committee person, call Ronna, call them and say – show us your system!

Call every Republican National Committee person – those 100 who refused our demo –  those 99 who never called us back and ask them why they are abandoning America for an event planning organization.

We may sound harsh, but we are not politicos – we are software guys, and this is how we roll.

In 2024, if you want to win elections, hire a leftist.  If you want to vacation, call Ronna.

If you want to kick some leftist ass, call Fractal.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine and the TSA No-Fly List.  He can be reached at  Twitter X is @AmericaOme17300

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