Victor Cruz is even cooler in retirement than he was on the field

It has been a minute since the New York Giants were among the NFL’s more relevant teams.

While Giants fans hope that brighter days are not too far ahead it is hard to feel totally sorry for them given that their team has won two Super Bowl titles in the age of the internet. As true as that is it has now been over 12 years since the G-Men last hoisted the Lombardi Trophy and a big reason that they did back during the 2011 season was because of wide receiver Victor Cruz.

Cruz stormed onto the scene and never really looked back even after his playing days were over. These days he is all over the place including in the SB Nation universe as we sat down with him for a conversation about football, MTV’s The Challenge, the Giants, golf and much more. You can watch our conversation right below.

It is wild to me how Victor Cruz can be so good at so many different things given that I struggle to be barely adequate at just a couple of them. Sometimes that is just the way that it goes.

As noted Cruz and I discussed MTV’s The Challenge where he served as the host of America’s fifth professional sport once upon a time. Cruz has a lot of hosting experience and soon enough will be putting it to use at a party thrown by Captain Morgan who he joined us on behalf of.

Whether it’s in a bar, your phone, or yes, even in an ad, fans can find hidden clues and QR codes in the real world at your favorite bars, local liquor stores, or football stadiums and on social media leading to for their chance to score an epic prize. NFL fans 21+ can follow the Captain at @CaptainMorganUSA on Instagram and @CaptainMorganUS on X to find clues that unlock adventure.

This month, Captain Morgan and Super Bowl XLVI Champion, Victor Cruz will host the hottest house party. Infused with the signature Captain Morgan spice, this epic night will be absolutely bananas with an exclusive performance from Aminé and special surprise guests with plenty more adventures in store.

Victor Cruz has done it all in the world of the NFL and continues to do it all in life beyond it. If he wasn’t a former Giants player I would hold him in the highest regard, something I told him to his face to be fair, but I suppose nobody can be perfect.

Cruz certainly comes close, though. Our thanks to him and Captain Morgan for the time.

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