Victor Reacts: Disney Replaces Dwarves With Diverse “Magical Creatures” in Woke New Snow White Movie (VIDEO)

Disney has decided to ruin all of your favorite childhood movies. Recent photos obtained by the Daily Mail show that six of the seven dwarves are no longer dwarves. Apparently using dwarves was a “micro aggression” so in order to be more inclusive and diverse Disney decided to simply erase the dwarves and replace them with “magical creatures.”

As the Gateway Pundit reported, the so-called magical creatures are now different heights, of different sexes, and of different races.

Credit: The Daily Mail
Credit: The Daily Mail

Ironically in an effort to be politically correct, Disney has taken away acting roles that would have gone to dwarves. No better way to be inclusive and woke than to simply erase certain groups of people from your films.

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