Victory! Federal Judge Overturns California’s Unconstitutional “Assault Weapons” Ban

California’s 1989 law against semi-automatic weapons, or “assault rifles,” has been deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge.

San Diego U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez ruled Thursday the three-decades-old gun law had made “criminals of law-abiding residents who insist on acquiring these firearms for self-defense.”

Judge Benitez declared semiautomatic rifles are used by millions of Americans in other states and that California was abridging its citizens’ Second Amendment rights with the illegal regulation.

In fact, the judge said it’s “necessary” for law-abiding citizens to have access to the high-powered weapons.

Last month, Benitez also ruled California’s ban preventing gun owners from having detachable magazines holding more than 10 rounds was illegal.

That’s right, Golden State citizens can now legally defend themselves by using AR-15s equipped with high-capacity magazines.

Benitez compared semi-auto rifles to the Bowie Knife, explaining in the ruling, “Like the Bowie Knife which was commonly carried by citizens and soldiers in the 1800s, ‘assault weapons’ are dangerous, but useful. But unlike the Bowie Knife, the United States Supreme Court has said, ‘(t)here is a long tradition of widespread lawful gun ownership by private individuals in this country.’”

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom predictably complained about the judgment on X Thursday, calling Judge Benitez an “NRA puppet” and an “extremist” for staying true to the U.S. Constitution, a document Newsom appears to loathe.

“Today, a right-wing, NRA puppet — Judge Roger Benitez— tried to strip away CA’s three-decade-old assault weapon ban — comparing an assault rifle to a knife. An absolute disgrace. This is exactly why America needs a constitutional amendment to enshrine commonsense gun safety reforms. Until then, extremist judges will continue to tear down the will of the American people,” Newsom wrote.

The ruling could set a precedent for laws to be changed in other Democrat-led states like Washington and New York which have similar anti-gun laws to the California “assault weapons” ban that was just struck down.

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