Video: Epic 1958 Speech By Anti-Communist Businessman Lays Out New World Order Takeover Unfolding Today

Robert Welch, Jr., founder of the John Birch Society, was a candy business magnate and staunch anti-communist dedicated to the pursuit free market principles and limited government.

In the following 1958 speech, Welch prophetically laid out the New World Order’s ongoing scheme to destroy American sovereignty with the aim of ushering in a global government system.

In his powerful remarks, Welch describes the communist takeover as follows:

  • Gradually surrender American sovereignty to various international organizations, including the UN
  • Expand government spending as wastefully as possible
  • Increase taxes on the poor and middle class
  • Inflate the currency
  • Centralize power in Washington
  • Eliminate state lines

Sound familiar?

Watch Welch’s full speech:

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