VIDEO: Heroic Police Officer Guns Down Knife-Wielding New York Man After Thug Stabs Rookie Cop Multiple Times

Credit: Suffolk Police

Body camera footage captured the moment a New York man lunged at police officers with a knife and stabbed a rookie cop several times before another officer killed the thug.

Fox News reported officers responded to a 911 call from a female resident in Bay Shore, Long Island, at 138 Udall Rd, regarding a domestic disturbance at around 9 A.M. Saturday. The woman on the phone told police her husband was threatening her.

Three police officers were dispatched to the address in response. When two of the officers decided to approach the home, the situation went haywire.

When one officer opened the screen door, he was attacked by a man, later identified as 33-year-old Taiquell Woodson, with a large knife. Woodson is the woman’s husband.

The officer tried to retreat and fell into the snow in the home’s front yard. Woodson then jumped on top of the officer, stabbing him repeatedly.

A second officer unsuccessfully deployed his Taser before the third officer ended the madness. The body cam footage shows him firing several bullets into Woodson, killing him.


Acting Suffolk County Police Commissioner Robert Waring told reporters during a press conference the wounded officer was stabbed multiple times in the arm. Woodson also attempted to stab the young man in the chest, but the bulletproof vest saved him from further injuries.

“Woodson jumps on top of him with a knife, and he starts stabbing the officer, clearly attempting to kill him,” said Waring. “Fortunately, the knife did not penetrate through the officer’s vest.”

Fox News reports the injured cop was driven to a local hospital, where he was stabilized before a helicopter carried him to another one in Stony Brook. The doctors at Stony Brook treated him for “complex” wounds and possible nerve damage to his dominant hand.

Woodson was pronounced dead at the hospital. He previously had at least one prior arrest in Riverhead, New York, on a robbery charge, according to Fox News.

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