VOICE OF EVIL: Hamas Terrorist Coldly Reveals Graphic Details About Murdering Crying Children to Israeli Official – Fears for His Life if His Parents Find Out About (VIDEO)

Credit: @IDF

Only a cold and ignorant soul could empathize with Hamas after listening to this new footage detailing their war crimes.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) posted a video on X Tuesday showing a Hamas savage giving graphic details to an Israel Securities Authority (ISA) official revealing how he and partner murdered crying, innocent children. Then he has the gall to worry about how mommy and daddy are going to react when they find out.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Hamas has committed multiple horrific atrocities, including gunning down peaceful Israelis at a dance party, raping and abducting young Israeli women, and beheading Israeli soldiers. Hamas has even chopped off the heads of babies and cut open pregnant women.

Jim Hoft obtained exclusive footage of some of these atrocities which were shared with Gateway Pundit readers to expose the full truth.

When one watches this video, notice the lack of emotion this savage speaks with as he describes how he and his accomplice stole the lives of children from their loving parents.

Hamas terrorist: We entered a house near us. We entered through the window.

We checked the house and heard the sounds of young children in the safe room. We shot at the safe room.

ISA official: What did you shoot the safe room with?

Hamas terrorist: At the beginning we didn’t shoot we just passed by and didn’t hear anything. We ate date and drank water.

After, we heard sounds of young children.

ISA official: What sounds did you hear?

Hamas terrorist: Young children crying…I shot and Ahmad Abu Kamal shot. We shot at the door.

ISA official: Until when?

Hamas terrorist: Until we didn’t hear any noise anymore.

ISA official: When you stopped hearing noise, what did that mean?

Hamas terrorist: It means they died.

When asked by the ISA official whether killing children was justified in the Muslim religion, the terrorist replied “no” and that the prophet Muhammad forbids it.

The terrorist told the agent there was no difference between Hamas and ISIS. He also revealed that he saw videos of atrocities which are worse than even ISIS.

Then he dropped this information: his parents do not know he is part of Hamas and that they hate the terror group. He also fears for his life if they find out.

They don’t know I’m part of Hamas. If my father sees me, he will shoot me. He will kill me. Because I did those actions.

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