Walmart Targets Gen-Z With Cheap Private Label Food As Youngsters Struggle In Era Of Failed Bidenomics

Walmart executives must be paying attention to Gen Z consumers bitching on TikTok and X about the failures of Bidenomics, as many of them have to work multiple jobs and still can’t afford to put food on the table, pay shelter costs, and buy gasoline at the pump. That’s why America’s largest retailer is launching a new line of cheap store-brand groceries for consumers, more importantly, targeting lost and hopeless youngsters. 

Bettergoods is Walmart’s “largest private brand food launch in 20 years and the fastest food private brand Walmart has brought to market,” according to the retailer in a press release published Tuesday morning. 

The new brand targets young consumers and will offer them 300 items, including frozen, dairy, snacks, beverages, pasta, soups, coffee, chocolate, and more. Prices of the goods range from under $2 to under $15, with most products available for under $5.

“Today’s customers expect more from the private brands they purchase – they want affordable, quality products to elevate their overall food experience. The launch of bettergoods delivers on that customer need in a meaningful way,” said Scott Morris, senior vice president of private brands, food and consumables.

Morris continued, “Bettergoods is more than just a new private brand. It’s a commitment to our customers that they can enjoy unique culinary flavors at the incredible value Walmart delivers.”

Over the last few years, retailers have made a major push to expand private label brands that offer consumers a cheaper option amid persistent high inflation. This has forced many to drain personal savings and max out credit cards—just to survive the ongoing inflation storm. 

We have been documenting the countless number of Gen-Zers who have taken to various social media platforms to complain about how liberal colleges and Bidenomics are scams. Many of these youngsters seem more miserable than millennials who entered the workforce after the 2008 financial crash. At least back then, millennials weren’t battered by high inflation. 

The latest Gallup poll numbers show youngsters are at a breaking point with Democrats who have promised them nothing but rainbows and unicorns, only to step foot in the real world after obtaining a worthless liberal arts college degree to realize affording rent, $1,000 car payments, and $15 avocado and toast is not what they signed up for.  

Walmart is smart. They’re reading the crowd’s outrage about ‘Biden-flation’ hitting supermarket items. 

And it’s only a matter of time before Gen-Zers have to make the difficult decision to trade down from Walmart to Dollar General as the inflation storm heats up (read here). What comes next? Well, it’s dumpster diving


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