WATCH: Angry French Farmers Invade Paris Agricultural Fair, Clash With Police, Chant for Macron To Resign

The great European Farmers’ revolt is ongoing, with actions taking place in several countries at once.

While every nationality has its own specific demands, all over the old continent, the farmers are rejecting the failed, crippling EU ‘green’ policies and regulations that are bringing farmers to the brink – and may end up causing a manufactured famine.

Watch: on Friday, tractors’ deafening horns in Paris.

After French farmers took hundreds of tractors inside Paris and blew their horns in a deafening protest, today (24) the mobilization was centered on the politically charged Paris Farm Show.

A group of farmers stormed into the fair just before the arrival of President Emmanuel Macron, raging ‘over costs, red tape and green regulations’.

Going head-to-head with police officers inside the fair, the farmers shouted and booed, calling for the resignation of Macron and using expletives aimed at the French leader.

Reuters reported:

“‘This is our home!’, they shouted, as lines of French CRS riot police sought to contain the demonstration. There were some clashes with demonstrators and the police arrested at least one of them, a Reuters witness saw.

Pascal Beteille, one of the demonstrators said he did not expect anything from Macron’s visit. ‘This is our home and he’s welcoming us with [general reserve police] CRS’, he told Reuters.”

Watch: French farmers forcibly break into Paris Agricultural fair.

Macron met French farmers’ union leaders over breakfast, and later arrived in the trade fair.

“‘I’m saying this for all farmers: you’re not helping any of your colleagues by smashing up stands, you’re not helping any of your colleagues by making the show impossible, and in a way scaring families away from coming’, Macron told reporters after his meeting with union leaders.”

Watch: French Farmers clash with police inside the Agricultural fair in Paris.

An impromptu heated discussion between Macron and demonstrators ended up being broadcast live on French news channels.

“The Paris farm show – a major event in France, attracting around 600,000 visitors over nine days – is a political fixture, where presidents and their opponents are expected to engage with the public under intense media scrutiny.

Farmers’ protests which have spread across Europe, have stoked concerns in France and beyond about their political fallout, given they represent a growing constituency for the far right, expected to make gains in European Parliament elections in June.”

Watch: Chaos erupt in Agricultural fair between farmers and police.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s arrival was met with boos and whistles.

Associated Press reported:

“Police in full riot gear were deployed at the Paris Agricultural Fair to prevent them from getting close to Macron, who had a planned meeting with the heads of France’s main farmers’ unions.”

Watch: Farmers chant: ‘Macron demission’

“Meanwhile, protesters chanted slogans calling for Macron to ‘resign’ and blew into whistles to show their anger.

‘We won’t be able to respond to the farming crisis in a few hours’, Macron said. ‘It has taken months, years of work for those who came here to present their cattle, their work … This fair must go well and calmly’.

[…] ‘Anger can be expressed’, Macron said, warning against any ‘violence’.”

Watch: Farmers show how much they love Brussels’ diktats by toppling a EU agricultural display.

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