WATCH: Biden Pushes for Gun Control During Visit to Lewiston, Maine

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Lewiston, Maine, and pushed for gun control in the wake of a mass shooting that left 18 people dead.

Biden spoke outside of Just-In-Time Recreation, one of the two places where people were shot on October 25 by Robert Card.

“This is about about common sense – reasonable, responsible measures to protect our children, our families, our communities,” Biden said. “Because regardless of our politics, this is about protecting our freedom to go to a bowling alley, restaurant, school, church, without being shot and killed.”

Biden brought up places he had visited after other mass shootings, including Sandy Hook.

“As we mourn today in Maine, this tragedy opens painful, painful wounds all across the country.Too many Americans have lost loved ones or survived the trauma of gun violence,” Biden said. “I know because Jill and I had met with them in Buffalo, in Uvalde in Monterey Park, and Sandy Hook.”

“Too many to count,” Biden added.

“Eighteen precious souls stolen, 13 wounded,” Biden continued. “Children. Grandchildren. Spouses. Siblings. Parents. Grandparents. Bowling coaches. Union workers. Beloved members and advocates and friends of the Lewiston deaf and hard-of-hearing community. All of them lived lives of love and service and sacrifice.”

The Democrat president has been pushing for Congress to reinstate a ban on automatic weapons, enact red flag laws nationally, and require universal background checks.

Card was found dead by suicide after a massive manhunt.

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