WATCH: Canadian Opposition Leader Poilievre Blasts Trudeau’s Proposed ‘Online Harms’ Bill – Labels PM a ‘Hate Speech’ Racist for Using ‘Blackface’ Multiple Times

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has come out blazing against the government’s forthcoming ‘online harms legislation,’ a bill designed to combat ‘hate speech,’ ‘terrorist content’ and some violent material on the internet.

Poilievre said he won’t accept Trudeau’s ‘woke authoritarian agenda,’ and the prime minister and his government shouldn’t be deciding what constitutes ‘hate speech’ online, and called the legislation an ‘attack on freedom of expression.’

The greatest irony, he stated, is that Trudeau is himself someone who used several times ‘black face’ costumes, something considered to be very racist in our days.

Reporter: The federal government has said that its online harms bill is imminent. They’ve said this bill will include among other things, a ban on so-called online hate speech.

As you know, the Conservatives a decade ago repealed section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which the liberals have talked about reintroducing – and tried to in the last parliamentary term.

Will the Conservatives oppose the reintroduction of these provisions and the liberals approach to so called online hate speech?

Poilievre: Yes, we will oppose Justin Trudeau’s latest attack on freedom of expression.

And I want to ask, what does Justin Trudeau mean when he says – when he says – the word hate speech, he means speech [that] he hates.

So for example, let’s go through some of the things he said is hate speech.

Jerry Botts, the PMO Puppet Master, said that it was hate speech to criticize Trudeau for using the ridiculous term ‘people kind’, right.

Justin Trudeau said anyone who criticized him during the pandemic was engaging in hate speech.

Basically, anybody who disagrees with his radical agenda when it comes to kids, he says is hate speech. He attacked Muslim parents who are protesting against his agenda.

Is he going to criminalize those Muslim parents for protecting their Children in schools?

Go down the list of things that Justin Trudeau disapproves of. And you can imagine all of the things that will be criminalized.

Then it becomes the question of who is going to be in charge of determining what is hate speech.

Recently a school board in Ontario banned Anne Frank’s books. Ok? So, would that be considered hate speech under Justin Trudeau’s woke authoritarian agenda? I think it would.

So anyone who thinks that speech they don’t like is going to be criminalized and therefore the bill should be supported – those people should go through the list of their own thoughts that Justin Trudeau considers to be unacceptable views and you can assume that he will ban all of that as well.

“And finally, I point out the irony that someone who spent the first half of his adult life as a practicing racist, who dressed up in hideous racist costumes so many times he says he can’t remember them all, should then be the arbiter of what constitutes hate.

What he should actually do is look into his own heart and ask himself why he was such a hateful racist.”

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