WATCH: CBS’s Margaret Brennan Laughs in Buttigieg’s Face When He Is Unable to Explain Why Only 7 or 8 Charging Stations Have Been Built

CBS’s “Face The Nation” host Margaret Brennan shocked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Sunday when she actually pushed back and said Trump was right about Biden’s insane electric vehicle mandate.

Margaret Brennan played a clip for Pete Buttigieg of President Trump slamming Biden’s insane electric vehicle mandate during his massive rally in New Jersey

“We’re spending hundreds of billions of dollars subsidizing a car that nobody wants!” Trump said.

Trump is correct.

In 2021, the Democrat-controlled Congress gave Joe Biden $7.5 billion to install electric vehicle chargers all over the country and only 7 or 8 EV charging stations have been built. It’s a total scam.

According to 2021 analysis from the New York Times, $1.2 trillion of the ‘Infrastructure’ bill would be spent over 8 years and $550 billion will go to roads, bridges, rail lines, electric vehicles, water systems and other programs.

Electric vehicles are unpopular, expensive and bad for the environment but the Biden Regime is going into overdrive to force car companies to produce more EVs while they crack down on gas-powered vehicle tailpipe emissions.

“He’s not wrong,” Margaret Brennan said of Trump’s statement slamming the wasteful EV mandate.

“Oh, he’s wrong,” Pete Buttigieg said.

Margaret Brennan actually pushed back and said, “He’s not.”

Buttigieg’s mouth dropped as Margaret Brennan rattled off facts about how unpopular electric vehicles are.


Buttigieg failed to explain why the US government has only built 7 charging stations in three years with a multi-billion dollar budget.

Margaret Brennan laughed at Buttigieg, “7 or 8 though?”


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