WATCH: Delta Passenger Melts Down at LAX, Demands to Speak to Pete Buttigieg – Then Realizes She’s in the Wrong Terminal

The absolute state of this country.

A Delta passenger had a profanity-laced meltdown at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after she missed her flight and demanded to speak to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“Get me up on the next flight. And pay for that shit!” she shouted as she slammed her fists on the counter. “I will call Pete Buttigieg right now!”

It turns out she was in the wrong terminal. The unhinged Delta passenger was screaming at employees who work for Canadian-based WestJet.

The airline employees laughed as the unidentified passenger melted down.


The Daily Mail reported:

This is the moment a Delta passenger has a huge meltdown at LAX – only to realize she’s screaming at the wrong people.

The woman, who has not been named, was filmed verbally abusing airline staff at the counter after she reportedly missed her flight.

‘Get me the f*** up on the next flight you motherf****rs’ she is heard yelling, before demanding to speak to Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

She repeatedly screamed: ‘Call Pete Buttigieg right now to handle the TSA! ‘Call that motherf***** right now! That useless motherf*****’

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