WATCH: Dozens of Angry Minority Youths Torch Paris and Assault Police Officers After Teen Driver Is Killed by Cop – Media and Witnesses Claim Driver Was “Executed” But Video Proves There’s More to the Story (VIDEOS)

Credit: Metro UK

The Daily Mail reported that wild riots erupted in Paris overnight after a police officer killed a French-Algerian teenager during a traffic stop Tuesday morning around 8:30 AM Paris time. Dozens of angry ‘youths’ torched the city and assaulted police officers with fireworks.

Nael M., a 17-year-old delivery driver, was the teen killed while at the wheel of a Mercedes in the western suburb of Nanterre. His death was confirmed just after 9 AM local time.

Witnesses described the shooting as an execution and it spread all over social media. What they left out was the driver was not allowed to drive and refused to cooperate with police. One could also argue the teen may have been trying to run over one of the cops.

During the stop, the cop allegedly told the teen “I’m going to lodge a bullet in your head.”


The police also said that prior to the driver being stopped he had been driving erratically.

This sparked a wild night of anarchy in the French capital. Several youths responded by pouring onto the streets, setting trash bins on fire and assaulting police with fireworks.

Once Paris turned dark, cars and buildings were torched. The violence spread to other suburbs across the city.

Here are some videos of the police being assaulted with fireworks along with buildings and cars getting torched.

Look at all the cars and buildings burning.

This is perhaps the scariest scene from the riots. The police are completely helpless under the firework assault from the angry youths.

The Daily Mail reported that by early Wednesday morning Paris police had made 24 arrests. There are certainly more suspects still at large as one can see in the videos.

Prosecutors confirmed that the unidentified officer responsible for the shooting is being investigated for murder.

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