Watch: Drag Queen Makes Tiny Kids Chant “Free Palestine”

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Video has emerged of a drag queen leading children barely older than toddler age in chanting “Free Palestine” during a so called “Queer Storytime for Palestine” event in Massachusetts.

The event, featuring a drag queen going by the name of ‘Lil Miss Hot Mess’, took place earlier this month at the Northampton Center for the Arts.

The event was advertised by the organisers as “dancing, celebrating Palestine culture, learning about queer heroes and doing arts and crafts.”

According to the hosts, Valley Families for Palestine, profits from the event were donated to alQaws, a Palestinian organisation that is “working for queer liberation.”

Video captured at the event shows ‘Hot Mess’ reading her book titled “If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know It,” and ordering the kids “If you’re a drag queen and you know it shout ‘Free Palestine.’”

First off, gay people are at best severely disrespected, and at worst murdered in Gaza and other Palestinian areas. In terms of how gay-friendly it is, The LGBT Equality Index ranks Palestine as 192 out of 197 countries. Syria, Somalia and Yemen are ranked as more open to homosexuality.

It’s safe to say that a drag queen encouraging American kindergarteners to say ‘free Palestine’ is not really going to shift the needle as far as that situation is concerned.

Secondly, these children are clearly being subjected to a double dose of ideological and political indoctrination.

What’s next? Queer Palestine vaccine furry Ukraine drag queen story time?

Who in their right minds are taking their kids to this kind of thing? What do they expect will come of it?

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