Watch: First O’Keefe Media Group Report Exposes Potential Left-Wing Money Laundering Scheme

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and current head of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), released his new organization’s first report Tuesday.

O’Keefe posted a video online claiming to have uncovered potential “MASSIVE money laundering into political campaigns.”

In the video, O’Keefe explained a citizen journalist group out of Maryland called Citizen Election Watch tipped him off to a list of senior citizens allegedly donating to political candidates thousands of times per year.

The first individual approached by O’Keefe in Maryland was listed as having donated over $200,000 to campaigns in over 12,000 contributions over three years.

After noticing the majority of these donations were facilitated through ActBlue, a nonprofit tech group donating to liberal nonprofits, Democratic candidates, and other progressive groups.

“This is all FEC and state data,” O’Keefe told the camera. “We’re wondering if these donors are victims of what appears to be a money laundering scheme or if these residents actually participated in the scheme. We’re making phone calls, we’re knocking on doors. These are things that you can do, we hope you do that.”

The first person questioned in the video became immediately angry at the camera and reporter before shouting about bashing Donald Trump in the head with a bat and slamming the door.

Next, a kind woman who admitted to donating “five or ten dollars” to ActBlue every now and then appeared shocked to learn over $18,000 had been “donated” under her name and address.

A woman living in Arizona told the OMG crew she “absolutely” did not donate the thousands of dollars listed by the FEC under her name and that the donations “must be” fraudulent.

Another American victim of this apparent massive money laundering operation who was approached by O’Keefe assured the cameras his wife had donated to VoteBlue, but never close to the over $200,000 listed by the FEC.

The man also asked if any of the individuals behind this scheme will be found, to which O’Keefe replied, “That’s what I do, sir.”

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