WATCH: Joe Rogan Mocks CNN’s Bad Ratings, ‘Way More People Listen to My Podcast’

Joe Rogan mocked CNN’s poor ratings while talking about how the network attacked him in 2021 for taking ivermectin to treat COVID.

CNN had allegedly played Rogan’s video discussing his treatment plan, after editing it to make him appear more yellow and sickly.

Rogan took a dig at the network by noting that he was not worried about their negative coverage because his podcast has more viewers.

“They didn’t understand that I have way more people that listen to my podcast than they have, way more,” Rogan said.

“That’s crazy if you think you’re going to make me look yellow. Like, the video’s still on my Instagram, you f-cking idiots,” he said. “Everybody can see what I really looked like.”

Rogan noted that there are still people who believe he took veterinary medicines.

“There’s still people who think I took veterinary medicine. There’s still people that think I was an idiot for taking ivermectin. There’s a bunch of people, they’re surface-level readers, they read headlines, they watch a quick clip on CNN. That’s their consumption of media,” he said. “But most people are not like that anymore. Most people have a real keen understanding that these people are viciously corrupt and coordinated.”

Mediaite reports:

It’s difficult to gauge the total audiences of Rogan and CNN since both are spread onto multiple platforms. Bloomberg reported last month that Spotify tested a feature disclosing podcast numbers, and Rogan had 14.5 million followers, making him nearly three times more popular than the next most popular podcast. That number would also massively dwarf CNN’s cable numbers, which did see an uptick in Q1.

Rogan has also begun posting episodes to YouTube again after a more exclusive arrangement with Spotify. The episode with Singh has brought in more than 600,000 viewers there.

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