WATCH: Kari Lake Reacts to Maricopa County’s Sham Ballot Printer Investigation After Ballot Printer Supplier Debunks “Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report”

Kari Lake spoke out yesterday on breaking news that completely discredits Maricopa County’s explanation for the failures on election day in 2022 that cheated her out of the win for Arizona Governor.

Lake’s attorneys have filed a Notice of Appeal against Judge Peter Thompson’s recent rulings, dismissing her lawsuit and new evidence of rigged voting machines before the recent trial. They plan to take their challenge all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Kari Lake’s trial last month and the massive evidence of fraudulent signature verification on mail-in ballots. We will continue to provide updates on Lake’s appeal process and the new evidence that will be made public in the near future.

As The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday, Maricopa County’s ballot printer supplier, OKI Data Americas, responded to the County’s sham ballot printer investigation, debunking false claims and demanding a corrected report from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

NEW BOMBSHELL: OKI Ballot Printer Company Sends DAMNING “Response to Factual Errors in Maricopa County Elections Report” Debunking Maricopa County’s Lies About Ballot Printer Failures – LEFTWING MEDIA SILENT

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on Maricopa County’s Ballot-on-Demand Printer Investigation led by former Arizona Supreme Court Justice Ruth McGregor.

It is apparent from OKI’s response that on election day and prior, Maricopa County did not accurately conduct tests or even read the printer manual. This discredits the entire investigation by Maricopa County. Maricopa County and Ruth McGregor either lied in the report or were so incompetent that they couldn’t follow basic instructions on Election Day and during the so-called investigation. What else did they hide?

OKI detailed in their response that they were “completely unaware that an investigation was underway,” Maricopa County’s conclusions were “disingenuous,” and solutions to the issues on Election Day, when 59% of machines targeting Republicans failed to read ballots, could be discerned readily from the printers’ manual” or by consulting the company.

The Printer company is now calling for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to issue a new corrected report. Read the full response sent to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office here.

This new evidence could bring even more life to Kari Lake’s attorneys’ claims that voting machines were secretly reprogrammed and fraudulently certified before the 2022 Election in Maricopa County. The Gateway Pundit reported on new evidence and footage that shows Maricopa County employees reprogramming the voting machines on October 14th, 17th, and 18th, after their statutory Logic and Accuracy testing, so that 59% of them would fail when Republican voters came in to vote on Election Day in 2022.

Voting machine expert and Kari Lake expert witness Clay Parikh recently joined The Gateway Pundit for an exclusive interview to speak about the new video evidence of illegal machine configurations that caused the wide-scale voting machine failures on Election Day in Maricopa County.

The report by McGregor claims they could not determine” the cause of this voting machine configuration that caused the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters on Election Day. This is likely BS.

Kari Lake tweeted yesterday, “I look forward to a corrected report as well. For example, the investigators should get to the bottom of why 4 of the 10 printers they tested suddenly began randomly printing 19” ballot images on 20” paper during their testing, which none of the technical experts could explain, and was one of the exact issues that caused massive disruptions on Election Day.”

Lake responded to Maricopa County’s self-investigation cover-up scheme yesterday on OANN.

Watch below:

Lake: As we’ve continued to call them out on this, Alison, they ended up saying, okay, we’re going to do an investigation into ourselves, and they put out what they called the McGregor report, which was basically a bogus report trying to lay blame elsewhere besides on the people who are running our elections. And one of the entities they blamed was the printer company. It’s a company called OKI, and they blamed them for all kinds of things and all kinds of issues with the printers. Well, it turns out we just got information today that OKI, that company, is not happy with that report. They said that the investigation into their printers was done, and they were never even contacted, and they have qualms with what Maricopa said happened to those printers, and they’re telling Maricopa County to apologize and change that official report because they’re trying to lay the blame on the printer company and the printers, rather than on the election officials that knew what was going on. This is a highway robbery of the people of Arizona and their sacred vote and our government, and we won’t stand for it.

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