WATCH: Law Professor Jonathan Turley Reveals the ‘Insidious’ Poison Pill in Judge Engoron’s Ruling Against President Trump in the New York Civil Fraud Trial

Credit: FOX News

As the Gateway Pundit reported, radical-left Judge Arthur Engoron on Friday released a sinister verdict banning President Trump from doing business in NYC for three years and ordering him to pay a whopping $350 million. Now, George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley has uncovered an item in the ruling that will leave you feeling even more infuriated.

Turley was a guest on Fox News America Reports with John Roberts & Sandra Smith to speak with the hosts about the decision to argue why the ruling must be reversed and the impact on businesses potentially fleeing New York. He first blasted New York Governor Kathy Hochul for her laughable suggestion that other companies had nothing to worry about because “they were not Donald Trump” before turning his attention to a particular detail of the case.

The law professor revealed he had discovered a distinct poison pill that may force Trump to liquidate all of his assets. He called this “really insidious.”

And what’s really insidious about this is that there’s another provision in New York law that requires Trump to pony up the full amount or to get a bond for that amount just to appeal this decision.

So it’s a sort of a perverse incentive for figures like this judge; he made this so large that it could force Trump to liquidate assets in New York just to be able to get other judges to look at this. So it’s a grossly unfair situation, and I expect a lot of businesses are very uneasy after watching this unfold.


Turley reiterated this argument in an article today with the New York Post and pointed out the blatantly unconstitutional nature of the provision along with the immense burden placed on Trump.

Nothing succeeds like excess for judges like Engoron. By imposing this astronomical figure, he can make it difficult or impossible for a defendant to appeal, absent declaring bankruptcy or selling off assets at distress prices.

The excessive fine and its basis raise serious statutory and constitutional questions. Many of us believe it should be substantially reduced or tossed out entirely.

First, however, Trump must come up with almost half a billion dollars to park with the court. Even with a bond, the high costs of securing a guarantor could come at a premium. It would cost a fortune to the bond holder just to carry the risk even if Trump prevails on appeal.

The ruling must be tossed as soon as possible, or America will cease to exist as a functioning republic. In the meantime, ordinary Americans can do their part by boycotting New York City just like many of America’s truckers are doing right now.

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