WATCH LIVE HERE: Kari Lake and Former ICE Director Tom Homan Hold ‘Defend America Rally’

Kari Lake and former ICE Director under President Trump, Tom Homan, are holding a “Defend America Rally” tonight in Phoenix, Arizona.

A huge crowd turned out to see their duly elected governor.

This comes as illegitimate Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs continues the illegitimate President Joe Biden’s agenda and leaves the border wide open to the cartels.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Kari Lake’s fight against the stolen Arizona Midterm election, her recent trial on remand from the Arizona Supreme Court, and her plans to secure the Southern Border once she takes her rightful place as Governor.

Despite massive evidence of fraud in the Midterm Election and sham signature verification, The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Judge Peter A. Thompson again ruled in favor of the Defendants, claiming that “level one and level two signature review did take place in some fashion.” 

Kari Lake plans to appeal the bogus ruling. Lake said in a recent press conference she will “continue pushing our case to the United States Supreme Court.”

Additionally, new evidence that was dismissed before trial shows Maricopa County employees engaging in the secret and illegal reconfiguration of voting machines after they were certified and before the election, causing voting machines to fail at 59% of voting locations targeting Republicans on Election Day. Watch the full video here.

NEW VIDEO EVIDENCE: Maricopa County Elections Officials Illegally Break into Sealed Election Machines after they were Certified and Before the Election – Inserting Reprogrammed Memory Cards – MUST SEE!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Kari Lake joined Bannon’s War Room yesterday to give another update on her lawsuit, and she told him that they have more video footage coming out!

Lake is expected to speak about her appeal process and Arizona’s need for President Trump’s America First border policies to fix Biden’s disaster at the southern border.

The rally is set to begin at 7:30 pm PST. Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam is reporting live from the crowd starting at 7 pm PST.

Watch live below:

Via Kari Lake on Rumble:

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