WATCH: Massive Farmers’ Demonstration in Madrid Against Failed and Crippling EU ‘Green’ Policies and Regulations

The Great European Farmers Revolt is ongoing, with the vital food producers category going all out against the failed, crippling EU ‘green policies’ to deal with the environment.

Spanish farmers were some of the latest to mobilize, and they now seem to be gaining significant momentum.

Thousands of farmers gathered in central Madrid today (21) as part of their ongoing protests against both EU and local farming policies, demanding measures to alleviate production cost hikes.

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It’s the biggest protest to take place yet in the Spanish capital. It comes after a fortnight of daily protests across the country.

Actions will include a rally outside the Agriculture Ministry headquarters.

Associated Press reported:

“Many of the tractors flew Spanish flags and some farmers carried banners reading, ‘There is no life without farming’, and ‘Farmers in Extinction’. ‘It is impossible to live from the rural industry, which is what we want, to live from our work. That is all we ask for’, Silvia Ruiz, 46, a livestock farmer from the north-central area of Burgos told the press.”

Organizers said they were bringing 500 tractors and many more farmers on buses.

“Similar protests have taken place across the bloc in recent weeks. Farmers complain that the 27-nation EU’s policies on the environment and other matters are a financial burden and make their products more expensive than non-EU imports.

Spain and the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, have made some concessions in recent weeks but farmers say they are insufficient.”

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Farmers also complain about a law aimed at guaranteeing that wholesale major supermarket buyers pay fair prices for their agricultural produce isn’t enforced, even while consumer prices soar.

 WATCH: Massive Farmers’ demonstration iN Madrid, Spain.

Meanwhile, in France, President Emmanuel Macron is under pressure even greater from angry farmers.

“Macron is expected to attend the opening of France’s major annual agricultural fair this weekend in Paris. Ahead of that test, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal sought Wednesday to convince the agricultural sector that he is speeding ahead with promised efforts to make farming more lucrative and simpler.

‘In recent weeks, across Europe, farmers have made themselves heard with a cry of anger, a cry that comes from deep down’, he said. ‘Behind this cry is, most of all, a call for action’.”

Attal promised a series of measures, such as ‘to strengthen the hand of French farmers’ in commercial negotiations with distributors; make it easier and cheaper for farmers to hire seasonal workers, including from abroad; work to protect French farmers against imports from Ukraine of chicken, eggs, sugar, and cereals.

Translation from the video: “Well, family, here we are, entering Madrid in the ‘Puerta de Alcalá’. This is historic. Hundreds of tractors from all over Spain. In the capital. I’m here with Jesús, a farmer. We will keep supporting them!”

Police used violence against protesters.

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