WATCH: Pro-Hamas Agitators at Florida State Receive Much-Needed Sprinkler Shower with Help from Fed-Up Student

Credit: Jackie Llanos of the Florida Phoenix

Things went south in a hurry for roughly 40 pro-Hamas protesting students at Florida State University Thursday morning, but they probably smell a little bit better after receiving a much-needed shower via the sprinklers.

As the Tallahassee Democrat reported, members of Tallahassee Students for a Democratic Society set up an encampment on Landis Green to protest Israel’s justifiable actions against Hamas. Other local organizations, such as The Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Tallahassee Community Action Committee, and the Tallahassee Dissenters, reportedly joined the protest as well.

But campus police forced them to remove their tents, which were set up for only five minutes on the grassy space predawn due to a university rule that bars camping on university lands, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

“As an educational institution, Florida State University welcomes free inquiry, diverse thought, and rigorous debate,” FSU spokesperson Amy Farnum-Patronis told the outlet. “However, these expressions must comply with university regulation and the law.”

During the protest, the sprinklers unexpectedly turned on while the students protested, leaving them soaking wet. The agitators claimed the university deliberately set them off to discourage their protest.

A FSU spokesperson denied this saying the sprinklers turning on was a coincidence and “happens throughout the day.”

But an even more humorous thing happened when they tried to cover up the sprinklers.

One student fed up with the loony left clowns occupying the FSU campus noticed foul-smelling pro-Hamas losers trying to avoid a sprinkler shower and quickly rectified the problem.


Here are two heartwarming photos showing the results of this student’s and school administrators'(accidental?) efforts:

Credit: Alicia Devine/ Tallahassee Democrat
Credit: Jackie Llanos of the Florida Phoenix

Despite the shower, The Tallahassee Democrat reports the protest carried on while FSU law enforcement stuck around to ensure the gathering did not get out of hand.

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