WATCH: Wild Video Captures Passenger Attacking Bus Driver, Causing Them to Crash into Oklahoma City Building

An absolutely insane video captured a passenger attacking a bus driver in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, causing the vehicle to crash into a building.

The attacker in the video, Tihron Harrison, 23, can be seen repeatedly punching the driver and dragging him out of his seat for a full-on brawl as the bus was still moving.

Oklahoma City Police said Harrison was mad that the driver would not make an unscheduled stop due to the city’s policy.

Local station KFOR reports, “Another angle showed a passenger try to break up the attack as the driver is thrown to the floor. Shortly after, the bus can been seen veering off the road and into a business. A seat belt saved the bus driver from being thrown through the windshield.”

The driver was not seriously injured but had some mild bumps and bruises.

“Obviously (the driver) had some bumps and bruises. We got him to medical facilities right after and he’s off work now but doing well,” Jason Ferbrache, OKC Director of Public Transportation and Parking Department, told the local news station.

Ferbrache praised the driver for doing everything he could to keep the passengers safe.

“When you run into a situation like that, no matter how much training you have, it’s very difficult to prepare for somebody really assaulting you while you’re operating a vehicle in motion,” said Ferbrache.

Harrison fled the scene but was eventually captured by police.

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