WAYNE ROOT: No, Trump Isn’t Jesus Christ, but Democrats Sure are Persecuting Him like Jesus. Here’s Why.

By Wayne Allyn Root

Trump is NOT Jesus Christ. He is human. Perhaps super-human. But nonetheless, human. He is not a God. I know that. But Democrats don’t seem to know it. They treat him like Jesus. They persecute him like Jesus.

And for the same reasons too – Trump threatens the status quo…he threatens the government…he threatens the Deep State and DC Swamp…he threatens their gravy train…he threatens their lock on power and control…he represents change. The people in power (who have all the power and all the money) don’t like change.

Also, like Jesus, Trump fights on behalf of the little guy or gal who feel powerless.

Also, like Jesus, the more they persecute him beyond any reason, the more they create a martyr and hero for the people.

Also, like Jesus, Trump’s persecutors (Democrats- who are mostly atheists and God haters or deniers) are so clueless and ignorant, they are arresting and persecuting an innocent man during the same week that Jesus Christ was arrested, tried with false witnesses, and crucified unjustly by an evil tyrannical government, to retain their power and please a blood-thirsty mob.

Sound familiar?

I’m sure that just like today, the media in the time of Jesus helped the Roman government put out propaganda to gaslight the people. Explaining what a wonderful government the people had…how thankful they should be for the crumbs they were “allowed” to keep…and demonizing Jesus as a criminal and heretic.

The parallels are astounding.

Why is this happening today? Why are Democrats and the Deep State going after Trump like he is Jesus?

First, I grew up on the mean streets of New York. I fought bullies every day to survive. I was robbed, beaten, intimidated, and terrorized for years. Until I fought back and won. I beat the bullies. So, I know bullies when I see them.

Democrats are classic bullies. Vicious communist thugs. They want no threats to their power…to their lies and propaganda…they want no dissent. This isn’t only about Trump. They are sending a message to all of us. “If we can destroy Trump, you’re next. Think what we can do to you. And think how easy it will be.” That’s bullying and intimidation- the hallmarks of communism.

Second, my New York street-fighter instincts tell me Democrats, government, the Deep State, and the media are all scared to death of Trump. It’s the opposite of what they say. They say he’s a bad guy, unpopular guy, racist, the things he says turn people off. If they really believe that, if he’s such a sure-fire loser, why not just leave him alone and let him talk? He’ll lose, right? Why are they so desperate to stop him at all costs?

Because they know average Americans see him as their hero. Democrats and government bullies know he is the only one who can beat them in 2024. They know if Trump wins again, their jig is up. He will undo everything they’ve achieved. He will blow up their gravy train. He will kill the goose that laid their golden egg. If they can stop Trump now, they are assured of victory in 2024. Then they stay in power forever. It’s over. One party rule. That’s communism.

Third, arresting Trump is a WMD- a “Weapon of Mass Distraction.” Just two years of Biden in the White House has devastated our country. His failures are everywhere. Democrats need to hide what’s right in front of your eyes.

They want you distracted, looking in the wrong direction. They don’t want you to notice massive inflation; mass layoffs; a crumbling economy; bank failures; a wide open border with millions of dangerous illegal aliens invading America; an exploding national debt; Social Security is now bankrupt; vaccine deaths and injuries are exploding because of Biden’s OSHA mandate; crime and homelessness have exploded in every big city; drugs like fentanyl are everywhere; transgender ideology is poisoning your children in failing schools that can’t teach reading, writing or arithmetic; and we are on the verge of World War 3 with China, Russia and Iran.

But now all we see, hear and talk about is Trump, Trump and Trump, 24 hours a day. Mission accomplished. Weapon of Mass Distraction. This is propaganda- the hallmark of communism.

Trump is first, we are next. If they can bully, demonize and destroy Trump, nothing will stop them. We are all serfs and slaves forever more. America, American exceptionalism, the American Dream, capitalism are all finished.

How fitting this is all happening on Easter week.

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