WAYNE ROOT: We are Living in a Bizarro, Twilight Zone, Zombie Apocalypse Nightmare. Exhibit A: Alejandro Mayorkas

By Wayne Allyn Root

I swear we are living in some kind of bizarro “Twilight Zone” episode. Or a zombie apocalypse nightmare. Things are that bizarre in America nowadays.

48 hours ago, I was watching a TV show on CBS when a promotion came on my TV screen for the CBS morning show. Host Gayle King (Oprah’s BFF) said, “Join us tomorrow for our show dedicated to how to keep your children safe- with HHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas.”

Did I really hear that? I reversed my TV to watch it again. Gayle King really said that. This one :30 second promotion proves without any doubt that leftists and the liberal media are a combination of insane, delusional and suicide bombers.

They’re a danger to us all. A danger to our survival. A danger to our children’s lives.

It also proves without a doubt that we are being brainwashed, gaslighted and defrauded with a level of media propaganda not seen since the Nazi Germany Gestapo, Soviet Union KGB and East Germany Stasi.

Our nation is under foreign invasion by millions of barbarians- including murderers; rapists; terrorists; welfare addicts who will bankrupt our country; illegal alien invaders carrying third word diseases that will kill us; and let’s not forget millions of military-age men from our enemies like China, Hamas, Hezbollah and MS-13.

This is literally an ARMY of 20 million or more brand new illegal alien criminals that can and will turn America into “Mad Max” at a moment’s notice if…

A) They get their marching orders from their leaders to destroy America…

or B) their goal is to create crisis, chaos, anarchy, unrest, rioting, looting, torching, killing, fear and intimidation before the November election to prevent Trump from taking back the White House …

or C) their goal is to create crisis, chaos, anarchy, unrest, rioting, looting, torching, killing, fear and intimidation after the election in order to topple the Trump administration…

or most likely, D) all of the above.

In the middle of it all sits HHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

In my opinion Alejandro Majorkas is the worst traitor in the history of America. He is evil personified. He is the devil. Or he is certainly taking his marching orders from Satan himself.

Majorkas makes Benedict Arnold (who gave the secret location of General George Washington to the British Army and was banned from America for the rest of his life) look like a petty pickpocket.

Majorkas makes Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (who passed secrets about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union in 1945 and were executed) look like pikers.

Majorkas is doing more damage to America and America’s children than anyone in the history of America.

He is not only enabling and empowering the full-scale invasion of America…and letting barbarians into our country who will murder and rape your children…and infect your children with third world diseases…and bring pedophiles and perverts into our country…and the cost of this illegal invasion will force higher taxes that will destroy quality of life for your children…but perhaps worst of all, Majorkas is allowing all the fentanyl into America that will hook your children on drugs, ruin their lives, and literally kill over 100,000 Americans annually.

One of them could be your child.

Wait, it gets worse. We just let 20 million brand new illegals into America- at least that many. Because this administration of suicide bombers admits 10 million have been welcomed in in the past 3 ½ years. But that number does not include “got aways.” That at least doubles the number to 20 million. Maybe substantially more. And that’s 20 million as of today. But by Trump’s swearing in on January 20, 2025, it may well be 30 million, or more.

Think about this. We’ve added 20 to 30 million new poverty-stricken patients, but no new doctors. This is the bankruptcy and collapse of our healthcare system.

And we’ve added millions of new criminals and terrorists, but no new cops. This will lead to mass chaos, anarchy and the worst crime wave ever seen in America’s history.

It’s already started.

Think what all these millions of illegal alien children added to public schools will do to retard your children’s education and their future earning potential.

And how about the national debt. This foreign invasion is costing America about half a trillion dollars a year. That’s what they admit- it’s probably much higher. That’s trillions added to the national debt in the next decade. Our economy will be overwhelmed. Our country will collapse.

Alejandro Majorkas is the point man for the intentional destruction of America.

He has done more damage to our country and our children than anyone in history. He is more deadly to America than all the Islamic terrorists in the world combined.

And yet the CBS morning show portrays him as a “hero” who can show us how to keep our children safe. And the U.S. Senate voted for the first time in history to kill his impeachment trial before it even started.

This is the definition of gaslighting and propaganda. This man is the enemy of every American citizen. He is the enemy of your children. He is evil personified. He is the devil.

I know where he belongs. Burning in hell.

But until then, how about we elect President Trump on November 5th. And then immediately indict Alejandro Majorkas for treason. And after conviction, sentence him to life in prison, breaking rocks at Guantanamo.

And then America will be great again. And your children will be safe again. God bless America.

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