“Weak People Become a Host for Evil – That’s Exactly What’s Happening to Mike Johnson” – Tucker Carlson Explains the Metamorphosis of Mike Johnson with Joe Rogan (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson went on with Joe Rogan on Friday in what promises to be a hugely popular episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

During their conversation they spoke about evil and Speaker Mike Johnson’s name was brought up.

Tucker Carlson: Here’s the illusion that we fall for time and again. We imagine that evil comes fully advertised as such. Like, evil people look like Anton Levet. Horns. Yeah. You know what I mean?

Joe Rogan: Black cloak.

Tucker Carlson: Exactly.

Joe Rogan: Sickel.

Tucker Carlson: Evil is an independent force that exists outside of people, that acts upon people. I really believe that. I’ve experienced it a lot, and it’s obvious.

What vessel do they choose? The weak. It’s weak men and women who are instruments of evil. The weaker the leader, the more evil that leader will be. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a time in American history where every leader is either a woman or a weak man, pretty much. I’m sorry to say it, that’s just true. The weaker the leader, that’s what Mike Johnson – Everyone’s like, Oh, Mike Johnson, such a nice guy. Well, I know Mike Johnson, and he’s a perfectly nice guy to the extent that he’s polite and he seems meek and restrained, and he’s not saying motherf*cker ever. You know what I mean? He’s got very buttoned-down affect, but he’s a weak man, and that’s the man you should be afraid of.

The people who you shouldn’t be less afraid of are the headstrong, loud, don’t care what anybody thinks. Yeah, those guys will go off track, but they’re probably not going to abet genocide or blow up the world in a nuclear exchange because they may be obnoxious, but they knew who they are.

Weak people just become a host for evil, an open, empty building that evil occupies, possesses even. That’s exactly what’s happening to Mike Johnson. It’s absolutely crazy what Mike Johnson is doing. But it’s not because he’s evil, it’s because he’s weak and therefore susceptible to evil. It’s a meaningful distinction that I have noticed.

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