Welcome to Campus: College Freshmen Given Condoms, Sexually Explicit Content in “Welcome” Package at North Carolina State

Freshman orientation is a hectic time on any campus and students are flooded with goodies to make them feel at home. But North Carolina State University has taken the concept of “care package” to a whole new level.

According to WRAL, incoming freshmen received a package containing condoms, lubricant and sexually explicit material.

Pamphlets included in the packages provided information on various sexual topics, such as group sex and one-night stands, and a paper encouraging them to track how many “orgasms” they experience.

Image: Screenshot/WRAL

Concerned parents took to NC State’s Facebook page to call out the school.

One commenter shared a photo of the care package contents and asked, “No advice, a question. A friend was moving in their child this week. Why was NCSU handing out these ‘sex kits’?”

Image: NC State University/Facebook

Included in the sex care package is a flyer meant to warn students about sexually transmitted infections using the game “S.M.A.S.H.”

Using the game, individual elements are eliminated from a list culminating in a “last one left” for each category to help “give you a glimpse into what your next sexscapade will entail.”

Categories include “relationship type” where “one-night stands” and “situationships” are among the choices.

WRAL reports:

The university said the condom manufacturer was the one who included the note that was attached to the free condoms, but the school said they did not know about it.

They have since stopped distributing the packets.

The university said in a statement, “University Housing has been made aware of a questionable flyer from a condom manufacturer included in the packs and has stopped the distribution of the packs.”

NC State included their statement on their original social media post.

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