WHAT A DISGRACE: Trump-Hating Fraud Lebron James Blatantly Disrespects America – SITS During the National Anthem (VIDEO)

Lebron James (seated at center) sits during the National Anthem during USC’s Basketball game. Credit: @bylucaevans

Los Angeles, California – The most annoying NBA player of all time decided to take a dump on America this week.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Lebron James pulled his latest despicable stunt while attending USC’s basketball game versus Long Beach State on Sunday. His son Bronny made his debut for the Trojans after collapsing on the court back in July during practice.

James entered the Galen Center while the National Anthem was playing. In the video below, most of the arena is singing and standing.

But instead of showing some basic patriotism, James decided to plop his rear on the bench and ignore the music.


One should not be surprised by this blatant act of selfishness. James has engaged in race-baiting for years whether promoting the Marxist Black Lives Matter Organization or putting targets on the backs of law enforcement trying to protect their community against violent thugs.

He also has trashed President Trump on several occasions, including calling him a “bum.”

But arguably, his most vile actions have centered around his promotion of Communist China and refusal to condemn their numerous human rights crimes. Former NBA player Enes Kanter summed up James’ attitude best in a tweet two years ago.

Can one imagine James trying any of this garbage in China? Of course not, he would stand for the Chinese anthem and dribble a basketball.

This is another reason Michael Jordan remains the greatest basketball player of all time.

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