When Life Imitates Apocalypse Culture…

Authored by Mark Jeftovic via BombThrower.com,

Real world “cancer cure” eerily mirrors zombie flick setup

If anybody remembers the opening  segment from the Will Smith zombie apocalypse flick I Am Legend, it starts with a comically ironic scene wherein a precocious female scientist, endearingly played by Emma Thompson proudly announces a “cure for cancer” that involves reprogramming the measles virus to act more beneficially toward its human host – thereby eradicating cancer cells, and thus, the disease itself:

The scene cuts… to the apocalyptic fall of New York City, which we learn is occurring globally because that cancer cure didn’t actually cure cancer – it instead turned into a contagious virus (stop me if you’ve heard this one before), and wiped out 90% of the population. Then it turned most of the survivors into zombies.

The movie is itself a reboot of the 1971 film “Omega Man” starring Charleston Heston, and both are based on the 1954 Richard Matheson novel  titled “I Am Legend”.

When I saw a tweet from the Right Said Fred guys this morning, I could not get over how uncannily this real world clip of a female scientist extolling the benefits of an MRNA vaccine that cured cancer in mice rhymed with the Hollywood dramatization years earlier:

Here we have British writer and GP, Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp, who could easily be cast as Emma Thompson in any ensuing biopic, describing a process of taking the “technology learned from Covid” and repurposing it to kill cancel cells within the human body.

So far they’ve been testing it on mice with a 50% success rate.

Interviewer: So, is this as big as it sounds?

Hoenderkamp: I think it potentially is. I mean, it’s very early days. So basically they’ve discovered that if they use the same technology that they use for COVID, and they use some mRNA, which is a messenger part of DNA, they take your particular cancer, they biopsy it, they take some of the protein on your cancer, and they put it back into your cells, and they tell your cells to make that protein.

The idea is that your body then makes antibodies against it. It gets the memory cells, the t cells, the ones we heard about, lots in COVID. And so then after you’ve been treated for your cancer, if any of those cells are still floating around, or if any of them start to come back and multiply, your own immune system will recognize them from that vaccine and kill it.

We all know what happened next in “I Am Legend”:

It’s odd how life seems to be imitating art, specifically, zombie apocalypse flicks (but only for anti-vaxxer nut-jobs, apparently).

(Also worth noting that the Bill Gates, and sundry globalists plan to spray aerosols into the atmosphere to slow global warming is the exact setup and premise of   “Highlander II: The Quickening“,  the  sequel to the earlier movie albeit a box office flop).

We know from two years of Covid malfeasance (not to mention other mass scale bunglings) that whatever our technocratic overlords dream up in order to usher in utopia, the unintended consequences will dwarf their ability to cope and push us all further into The Jackpot (defined as a period of rolling catastrophes and never-ending crises that began in earnest with the 2019 lab leak that ignited the pandemic).

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