Woke Doctor Who Was Vaxxed Several Times And Always Masked Up Has A Colossal Meltdown After Receiving Her COVID Diagnosis

Woke Doctor Deepti Gurdasani

As Alex Berenson often says, virus gonna virus. One female doctor found out the hard way despite “following the science” to the extreme.

Matt Vespa from Townhall.com reported Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist, contracted COVID-19. Guardsani had been vaccinated six times and always wore a mask even after the arrival of vaccines and treatments.

She represents the epitome of woke liberalism. Guardsani calls herself an intersectional feminist, uses pronouns in her Twitter bio, and considers herself an expert.

She is also the type of person who demanded healthy Americans surrender their freedoms to combat COVID rather than focusing on protecting the vulnerable.

After catching the virus, Gurdasani decided to write a lengthy Twitter thread. She expresses confusion over how she got sick and looks for scapegoats.

Gurdasani complains about her symptoms, calls doctors ignorant, and lashes out at Americans who are living normal lives.

THREAD (h/t Vespa):

While Gurdasani will almost certainly a complete recovery, do not count on her learning anything from this experience. Hopefully Americans will never again listen to individuals like her when the next pandemic hits.

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