Woman and Child Brutally Assaulted by African Immigrant in France – Suspect Arrested (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Infos Bordeaux/Twitter

Open borders have consequences.

In a shocking and brutal incident that has shaken the city of Bordeaux, France, a woman, and a young child were viciously assaulted.

The suspect, identified as an African immigrant well known to the police, has been arrested following the incident, according to Bordeaux Info.

The assault occurred in broad daylight, with the video showing the attacker approaching the woman and a young child, seemingly with the intent to rob them.

As the individual drew closer, the woman attempted to retreat back into the residence and shut the door. This action triggered an aggressive response from the immigrant, who then proceeded to assault them and dragged them out of the building.

WATCH: (Graphic Video)

In the wake of the incident, many politicians have come forward to express their concern and condemnation.

One of them is French conservative politician Éric Zemmour who wrote, “How awful. Bordeaux today. This is what they have done to our country. French, wake up.”

This incident has sparked a heated debate about safety and immigration policy in Bordeaux and across France. Many are calling for stricter border controls.

One primary reason is the safeguarding of national security. Strict border controls allow countries to monitor better who enters and exits, mitigating potential threats such as terrorists, and criminals. Additionally, such policies can control the rate of immigration, preserving social cohesion, protecting jobs for citizens, and ensuring that public services like healthcare, education, and social security aren’t overwhelmed.

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