WOW! Giant Entourage Escorts Biden as He Arrives to White House Amid Reports He’s Too Feeble to Walk Solo (VIDEO)

81-year-old Joe Biden returned to the White House Friday afternoon following a trip to New York.

A giant entourage of aides and staffers trailed behind Biden as he shuffled across the South Lawn amid reports he can no longer walk solo.

The White House introduced a ‘special routine’ for when Joe Biden departs and returns to the White House on Marine One.

According to a report from Axios, Biden’s advisors are concerned that his stiffened gait is highlighting his old age and feeble state.


His handlers are doing everything to make sure he doesn’t fall down.

It was recently revealed Biden is sporting ‘boat anchor’ shoes for maximum stability so he doesn’t fall on his face.

Biden has nothing on his public schedule today. He’s sitting back while his DOJ and Democrat DAs prosecute his main political rival Donald Trump.

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