WOW! Joe Biden is in Such Bad Shape That Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass Swoops in and Answers Question on His Behalf (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Wednesday visited a restaurant in Los Angeles, California after attending a campaign fundraiser.

81-year-old Biden is physically and mentally deteriorating. Even the special counsel investigating his stolen classified documents scandal referred to Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

He tripped twice as he boarded Air Force One en route to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Biden was in such bad shape as he shuffled around a restaurant on Wednesday that Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass had to answer a question on his behalf.

A confused Joe Biden shuffled around with his mouth agape as a reporter asked him about his State of the Union Address.

“Pardon me? What?” Biden said.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass swooped in to save the day: “He’s gonna win re-election anyway!” she yelled out to reporters.

The lost look on Biden’s face says it all.

Biden’s handlers shooed away the press since Biden cannot answer any questions.


Additional footage of Joe Biden at the restaurant on Wednesday:

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