WY: Firearms Privacy Is Still On The Line!

Firearms Privacy Is Still On The Line!

GOA appreciates the 22 House Conservatives who voted against HB0151 sponsored by Representative Barry Crago (R – Buffalo).

This legislation left the door open for the creation of a firearms registry, provided exceptions for “good faith” violations (that means if the violator “thought” they needed to violate your Rights), and required civil enforcement at the discretion of the Wyoming Attorney General.

However, by defeating the HB0151 “Election Year Gun Bill,” these 22 Representative have left the door open for real reform to come from the Wyoming Senate.

While legislation is still in play on the Senate side, GOA is working hard to ensure that any bill coming from the Senate is free from loopholes and contains a criminal penalty.

Here is a list of the solid Pro-Second Amendment Representatives GOA is asking you to thank.


Bill Allemand, Ocean Andrew, John Bear, Jeremy Haroldson, Scott Heiner, Ben Hornok, Mark Jennings, Christopher Knapp, Tony Locke, Chip Neiman, Pepper Ottman, Ken Pendergraft, Sarah Penn, Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, Daniel Singh, Allen Slagle, Scott Smith, Tomi Strock, Clarence Styvar, Tamara Trujillo, Jeanette Ward, and John Winter.

PLEASE click here and contact the 22 Representatives who stopped HB0151. Thank them for leaving the door open for real reforms regarding firearms privacy.


In retaliation for conservatives voting down HB0151, Speaker Albert Sommers (R – Pinedale) retaliated by keeping HB0182, sponsored by Representative Allemand (R – Natrona County), from even coming to the floor for a vote before the deadline for bill introduction.

HB0182 was co-sponsored by 38 other members of the Wyoming Legislature and contained a criminal penalty for violations of your privacy.

Rather than bring HB0182 to the floor, House leaders took to the media in Cowboy State Daily to attack the 22 conservatives who refused to vote for HB0151.

This one-sided article quoted groups who attacked the 22 conservatives, but it didn’t include a comment from us at Gun Owners of America even though we fought against HB0151 for over a week in Cheyenne.


Legislation (SF0105) still survives on the Senate side of the Wyoming Capitol.

Now that attention is heavily focused on this process, SF0105 could be amended to provide the real protections we need in Wyoming including a criminal penalty for anyone who violates your firearms privacy.

PLEASE click here and contact the 22 Representatives who stopped HB0151 and left the door open for real reforms regarding firearms privacy.

In the meantime, GOA will be working in the Wyoming Senate to try to ensure that SF0105 is the best possible legislation to protect our privacy.

In fact, I testified in the Senate Agriculture Committee on February 20 recommending strong changes, including the addition of a criminal penalty, to protect your firearms privacy.

GOA will work hard to advance the Senate legislation without weakening amendments, and we will keep you informed about all issues impacting YOUR RIGHTS during this Session!

Be on the lookout for more ALERTS from GOA in the coming days as we monitor the 2024 Wyoming Legislative Session and continue to fight to protect the Second Amendment!

P.S. Please CLICK HERE to contact the 22 Pro-Second Amendment Representatives. Thank them for demanding REAL EFFORTS TO PROTECT YOUR FIREARMS PRIVACY.

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