Wyoming Girl Scout Fined $400 for Selling Cookies in Her Grandparents’ Driveway

A Wyoming Girl Scout has been fined $400 for selling cookies in her grandparent’s driveway.

Emma McCarroll, 13, nearly missed her sales goal due to a stickler municipal code officer in Pinedale.

The Cowboy State Daily reports:

The spat between the city and the Girl Scout and her mom began when the code enforcement officer asked the mom, Erica Fairbanks McCarroll, if she had the landowner’s permission to sell from the city’s Pine Avenue spot and park a vehicle in a driveway there.

Puzzled, Fairbanks McCarroll didn’t answer the officer’s question because the spot where she parked was in the driveway of her parents.

Nonetheless, the officer snapped photographs of their sales activity between March 13 and 15 to prove that Emma McCarroll had set up the stand, and mom had parked illegally in the driveway, which straddled the public sidewalk on Pine Avenue.

“I personally don’t think she ever understood that I was related to the Fairbanks, my parents who own the driveway,” Fairbanks McCarroll told the paper.

Pinedale Mayor Matt Murdock told the paper that the mother was told to move and had refused to do so.

“Sometimes I just think that government can be unreasonable,” Emma McCarroll said. “It wasn’t reasonable to be fined $400 for selling cookies in front on my grandparent’s property.”

Featured image via The Daily Mail

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