Yankees’ Aaron Boone got tossed, blew up at ump over something a fan said

It is a lovely day for some early-afternoon baseball in New York City, and thankfully the New York Yankees are hosting the Oakland A’s for the first game of a four-game series.

Sadly for the Yankees, manager Aaron Boone will not be around for the entire game.

The Yankees manager was tossed by home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt under a bizarre set of circumstances you have to see to believe. In the top of the first inning Oakland outfielder Tyler Nevin was at the plate when Wendelstedt issued a warning to the Yankees bench for some comments that had been made regarding a previous call on a check swing. With the warning issued, Boone stayed silent in his usual spot in the dugout.

But got run by Wendelstedt moments later as you can see here:

You can see that Boone is quiet, but then gets tossed by the umpire. The manager then makes it clear that he did not say anything, but the response from Wendelstedt is “I don’t care who said it you’re gone,” which the microphones on the YES Network capture perfectly.

Boone comes out to make his case, but Wendelstedt is not hearing it.

The YES Network then captured this angle, which shows both Boone and bench coach Brad Ausmus pointing towards the stands. As they argue, Boone is in the clear here, as there was someone in the stands who was doing the yelling.

As you can see, it is a fan in the blue shirt who makes the comment Wendelstedt reacts to:

Unless Boone took some ventriloquist classes this winter, the Yankees manager got run for someone in the stands.

In this extended video, you can see the warning given to Boone before he gets ejected:

At least it is a nice day in the city.

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