Yesterday’s Hysteria-Inducing Intelligence On Scary New Russian Space Weapon Quickly Downgraded

Yesterday all of the major news networks paused their coverage of literally everything else to turn their focus through the whole afternoon to the “major, imminent, grave, terrifying security threat” and ‘fire-alarm’ based on apparent US intelligence related to the Russians(!) and reports that they possess new space defense technology, which is possibly even nuke-related.

Ambiguous reports pointed to a weapon designed to be used to take out satellites. On Thursday the White House has finally revealed more about the nature of the ‘threat’, with National Security Council spokesman John Kirby belatedly confirming it is related to “an anti-satellite capability that Russia is developing,” but that “This is not an active capability that’s been deployed.”

Putin, who lectured endlessly on ancient and medieval Russian history to Tucker Carlson, also has ultra-scary anti-satellite weaponry in his arsenal.

Or in other words, compared to yesterday’s atmosphere of temporary panic and CNN pundits’ hurried breathing, less than 24 hours later it ends up being the big nothingburger which many predicted it would be. This trend of inflated and fear-mongering headlines is very likely to continue right up to the November election, as we’ve noted.

And just like that, Wednesday’s big ‘threat’ now simply becomes ‘troubling’…

“And though Russia’s pursuit of this particular capability is troubling there was no immediate threat to anyone’s safety,” Kirby continued.

“We are not talking about a weapon that can be used to attack human beings or cause physical destruction here on Earth,” Kirby added.

Initially, Republican Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio set Capitol Hill media correspondents into a frenzy of speculation after he issued an ominous-sounding statement about “information concerning a serious national security threat.”

Rep. Turner didn’t help matters in saying “there is no need for public alarm”words typically taken by the public to mean now is precisely the time to worry and that the government is in fact sounding the alarm.

Kirby mentioned this in his Thursday press briefing, saying the administration was busy reviewing the new intel when Turner “regrettably” released his statement. “We have been very careful and deliberate about what we decide to declassify downgrade and share with the public,” Kirby said.

Perhaps nothing really even too “new” as NATO has already been fearful of such a weapon for years following a 2021 Russian action in space…

As for Biden and his team, this served as a nice ‘test case’ demonstrating the ease with which they can run something up the flagpole, instantly capturing a day’s news cycle and spotlight, though it is also true many more Americans are now seeing through this tactic.

Still more creative scare-mongering to come…


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